2015 ICC World Cup: Ireland v West Indies – Nelson (Haaa Haaa!)

Still recovering from a blue Valentine’s Day (not only having no luck with getting or exchanging chocolates, but also not having been offered any help when I was feeling a bit sick and unable to walk to a shopping mall on Saturday evening!), I am trying to do something positive.

Even I had already missed the first match keeping up with ICC World Cup, I never give up making a cricket report. So I visit the competition website.

Today, only one match between West Indies and Ireland is being played in Nelson, New Zealand. I had heard that some matches would be played in Christchurch and Wellington, but not Nelson. Wow, that’s interesting.

Before taking about the sport itself, please let me tell you about Nelson.

In May 2007, I wanted to change my life. I was trying to lure Sydney hotels to offer me a job, but the attempt was not successful. At the time, a Kiwi friends having me stay with them in Sydney suggested I try Nelson. They had lived over there and love the small city in the top of the South Island.

Later I applied for a restaurant waiter job at a Nelson hotel and got a job offer without an interview. Due to visa conditions though, I couldn’t take the job.

In September that year, I landed in Nelson trying to lure local hotels for a job, but again it was not successful. However I love the scenery of the small town and fell in love with Nelson. I want to make my way over there again in the future too.

Watching a cricket highlight video, the grandstand has no chairs. Only earth can be seen. I feel I have been transferred from cold and snowy big Sapporo with sunny and beautiful summer Nelson.

Ireland’s Max Sorensen was bowling to Lendl Simmons.

Simmons hit the ball way over the fence. It seemed a normal cricket scene but was very interesting for me.

Firstly, a spectator wearing an orange shirt dived trying to catch the ball. But he fell down and the ball hit another spectator wearing a light blue collar shirt. Then two girls sitting near him were surprised because he dived around them. Even they tried to catch the ball.

Secondly, the ball hadn’t bounced on the pitch before being hit over the fence by Simmons. I started wondering if it had to be bowled again or not. I visited cricket-rules.com to check, but nothing about no-bounced ball was written. Finally I found advice on Wikipedia saying that number of allowed bounce(s) was one.

It is shame that I am not able to get live cricket coverage. I apologise for not being able to make reports with great quality or analysis, but I will do the very best reporting the ICC World Cup when it matters.

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  1. Keiran Croker says

    I’ll look out for your reports Yoshi. I’m sure they will be informative and fun.

  2. Hi Keiran,

    Thanks for your comment. I borrowed a part of words what Jeff Kennett talks as now regarded as Kennett Curse. But I do not cause a curse, Just I want to show sense of humour. Anyway I try to get accesses to the cricket games as much as possible.

    Thanks for your warm words! You encourage me well.

    Enjoy cricket games!


  3. Don’t worry if One Day cricket has your head spinning Yoshi, you’ll soon get the hang of it!

  4. Hi Steve,

    My passion of keeping up sports is always running around my head. Also trying to do things hard is one of my attitudes. I am listening to New Zealand’s Radio Sport for a match between Black Caps (NZ) and Scotland played in Dunedin.



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