2012 Reclink Grand Finals

The alternate Reclink Australia AFL Grand Final Day

Reclink Australia football was born on the streets of St Kilda in 1989 when Reclink founder Peter Cullen A.M started inviting people to kick to kick who were in St Kilda at the time including street kids and street people, male and female arriving in St Kilda after trauma and left to their own devices. After his Out Reach session, Pete Cullen would put on kick to kick game of AFL; he saw the extraordinary cultural pull of the game and how connected people were to it.
At 10am on the 15th and 16th of August, come and help us celebrate 21 years of football at the Peanut Farm Reserve in Spencer street, St Kilda. Every team in Reclink Australia plays in a grand final, each grand final at this level has all the teams running through their banners, the national anthem played and brings one of the biggest crowds together of people experiencing some sort of social disadvantage such as homelessness, mental health issues, drug and alcohol problems in a rarefied atmosphere of hope and possibility. The Reclink Australia grand final represents their day in the sun.
The games will be called live on Community Radio 97.7 35ER and on an outside broadcast. Reclink Australia grand final day has become well known by sports stars and arts personalities, last year featuring over 20 different famous people. Some of this year’s confirmations are Glen Archer, Doug Hawkins, Peter Schwab, Crackers Keenan, Dave Hughes, Dyson Heppell and Smokey Dawson.
Come and enjoy a free BBQ and watch the police band perform while you join the celebration of community and life.

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