2011 – Looking Forward, Looking Back


The angel sounded – the sentinel horn,

The final quarter of the old year gone;

It’s been a good year for the team up in heaven,

Got the best of the Draft in Two Thousand Eleven.


Yabby’s the coach of this team for the Ages,

With Doc as the skipper of the BeSainted sages;

Then Lionel turned up to give them some fight,

And Clarence on sax to herald the night.


Bobby cracked jokes – the MC for the party,

When joined on the stage by the Big Bloke called Arty;

Said glad I could join you for a season’s end beer,

To sum it all up and look back on the year.


The best of the year it was tough to decide,

Even for those on God’s chosen side;

Some said it was Stosur – her forehand divine,

Flushing Meadow volleys that just clipped the line.


But no doubt about it – this was one for the heavens,

The brightest of stars was that shy bloke called Evans;

Made us all glad not to end up in hell,

And miss Le Tour’s deeds of the cycling Cadel.


Though it wasn’t all good for our great sporting mates,

Fighting Harada’s got swamped in the cruelest of fates;

AndChristchurchwas smashed – Kiwi streets all torn up,

A small price to pay – for a Rugby World Cup.


The Eagles rose up to challenge the best,

The wise men rode in – this time from the West;

Woosha was sainted for his rise from the dead,

While Mick’s Pies imploded – fish rots from the head.


‘Til God said to Bobby – it’s your last chance for fame,

So I’ll bless all your boys and their beautiful game;

The Cats took the Cup – can be proud of themselves,

But only I know the winner – of Two Thousand and Twelve’s.


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