“The Sickness”

by Bill Walker

I was out with a group of foreign university students doing an interp. of Tarkine rainforest when the driver took the wrong route on the way home. Everything was going just fine until then.

Half way between Edith Creek and Irishtown I spotted this (see photo below). Sure can be lucky at times.

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that there was a weird looking bloke on the verandah near by picking a banjo with all seven toes, so don’t even think of mentioning it.

Yeeee haaa!



  1. John Butler says

    You should collate a book Phantom.

    It seems to be rich pickings down your way.

  2. :o COOL!! love love LOVE it! :)
    As for the banjo dude, collingwood supportin’ hillbilly? if so hes related to steele sidebottom! lol

  3. dave latham says

    The hillbilly’s always take out a few Geelong supporters when they’re chasing the foxes in their jodphurs through the enchanted woods.

  4. Danni.

    Steele Slide-pedal Guitar perhaps.

    Good to see you are up and about Dave. The enchanted forest is unfortunately gone with the Tiger.

  5. Just saw Joffa at Coles!
    Mum wouldn’t let me talk to him though, even though i argued that ive met him about 3 times lol.
    Hes really not as scarey as people think.

  6. Danni,

    is Coles an acronym for Collection Of Louty Eccentric Sub-species?

  7. …lol um last time i checked it was a supermarket.

  8. dave latham says

    Yes, the enchanted Geelong woods have gone the way of Gumbaya Park.

  9. Speaking of ‘Enchanted Woods’ Dave it appears that some of them may be disappearing – gobbled up by the Giants and lost for ever.

    Mr Shaw was putting on a brave face today, but he knows they are going.

    What Sheeds wants, Sheeds gets.

  10. Phantom, i think what you really mean is What Danni wants, Danni gets. ;)

  11. Your not heading of to Uni in Sydney so you can be near Sheeds, Pendles and Dale are you Danni?

  12. Phanto – you keep threatening Magpie supporters with one of our boys going to Western Sydney.

    I realise that you are still grieving about Gary Junior,

    BUT – 1. Collingwood has more room in its salary cap than Geelong.

    2. Swan and Daisy have never expressed any interest in the captaincy and Pendles knows that he will get it when Maxwell retires – Pendles is almost five years younger than Maxy.

    3. None of the Collingwood three are arguing with either their current or future coaches. Mick and Bucks speak to all three boys regularly.

    4. Swan and Pendles had much better paternal role models than Gazza junior and probably have more developed senses of loyalty. Daisy has a very strong relationship with the males in his Mother’s family which may also have served him better than the disfunctional Ablett family history.

    Get over it Phanto. Collingwood has its own melodramas, we aren’t about to replicate Geelong’s

  13. No Phantom, im going to Fremantle remember?

  14. 12#.

    Thanks Dave,

    this time of the year I am always a bit concerned that I may have lost my knack over winter to bait a line appropriately to catch the big one with summer fishing coming up.

    You have allayed my fears by illustrating that I still have the knack to get the bite.

    It is also reasuring to note that I can even lure non target species onto the hook.

    I will just slip out into the kitchen and heat up the pan.

    What Sheeds wants, Sheeds gets.

    PS. With all this gloom and doom about the Cats pending decline to the bottom of the ladder we only have to tank like you guys did to get those two champs through the priority pick a few years back and we could have four (4) first round picks in 2012; plus heaps of salary cap room.

    I just love a story with a happy ending.

    And a happy pagan festival season to you and yours.

    Cheers, Phantom.

  15. I wish all the pommies would go home & the footy season would start ;)

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