Siren’s Call by Yvette Wroby



Siren’s Call is a tale of Yvette Wroby’s two families: the family she was born into and the family that is the St Kilda Football Club. It’s a story about the bond between Yvette and her mother Elfie, and a wider tale of how her mother’s and father’s families survived the Second World War to make a rich, fulfilling life in Australia; of how Yvette’s many aunts and uncles and siblings made her who she is today. It’s also a story about stories – of how people in all walks of life across Australia came to cherish the red, white and black of the St Kilda Football Club, or other clubs, and of what life circumstances brought them to their football team.

Yvette spends a year of weekends travelling the country to discover what has pulled her into that community, but returns to her Mum during the week to sustain her through her cancer treatments. In Yvette’s busy life she handles the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for her older children, her relatives and her community.

Siren’s Call is a love story about family and footy and those things that bring us all together. 


Visit Yvette’s website to read more about, and purchase, Siren’s Call.

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Book Review: Siren’s Call by Yvette Wroby









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  1. E.regnans says

    Many congratulations, Yvette.
    And to Malarkey Publications.

  2. Well done Yvette!

    From the Yules.

  3. Excellent news, Yvette! Congratulations on your success.

  4. Yvette Wroby says

    Thanks John, again! Thanks all for your good wishes, and Gus, the Yules are in the book twice, and there’s even a photo of Lucy wearing a Saints cap in Brisbane. Good to hear from you!

  5. What a good book. Congratulations.

  6. matt watson says

    Great stuff Yvette.
    I’ve always meant to ask you a question…
    A few years ago, before a grand final, I was in Young and Jackson’s with a bunch of mates. It might’ve been Collingwood v Geelong.
    There was a woman at the bar, alone. She was observing and writing a few notes down in a book.
    As a writer, I just had to say hello.
    The woman wasn’t going to the game. She was in the pub to soak up the atmosphere and write about the patrons.
    I found her interesting. Not because she was a woman alone, but because she was writing about what was happening. It was football related, without being about the game.
    Yvette, I met you at an Almanac function a few years ago.
    I meant to ask but didn’t.
    Was it you in Young and Jackson’s that afternoon?

  7. Neil Anderson says

    Received my copy n the mail today thank you Yvette. A quick scan so far and I know I’m going to enjoy reading this one. The perfect combination of family and footy similar to Kerrie’s ‘The Might West’.
    I even managed to find a photo of myself in the 2015 Footy Almanac launch gathering.
    Really looking forward to the Saints/ Dogs match next week as both teams will be keen to win before the bye.
    All the best with your book promotions.

  8. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Matt I don’t think it was me even though it’s something I would do! Thanks for the feedback all.

  9. Good morning Yvette. Great hearing you on the ABC yesterday.

    Having my mother die last year, after along period unwell, i’ve an empathy .

    I’ll have to buy a copy of the book.

    Good win by your Saints last Saturday.


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