Yellow, but not green, cappers

For my last post, (hmm, could be a title for a tune), I picked a team of chaps who played one Test for Australia but didn’t add to that tally. This side is made up of chaps who were serviceable for Australia when they played ODI’s but couldn’t break into the Test team. Here we go.

A Finch

R Campbell

M Di Venuto

J Maher

M Cosgrove

I Harvey

J Hopes

K McLeay

G Porter

A Stuart

D Nannes

As always one must qualify their selections.

Does Ryan Campbell keep, or Luke Ronchi? Both kept for us in ODI’s, though never played a Test for Australia. Luke Ronchi however crossed the ditch and has played Tests for the Kiwis. I did not pick some of the current crop of ODI players like Adam Zampa, Travis Head or Scott Boland, all are young enough to wear the baggy green down the track. Aaron Finch I view differently.

Also there are players like Stuart Law, Simon Davis and Clint McKay who were all fine ODI performers, but all played a Test.

Who is missing; who would you have picked?

Let the debate begin.





  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks Glen! It’s time for my annual Glenn Bishop mention. Best Australian ODI player I ever bowled to.

  2. Jamie ‘Sid’ Siddons, a stack of 1st class runs but only one ODI & no tests. Selectors always opted for the job lot of Waughs.

  3. Peter Warrington says

    great to see Porter there. he was a gun, even when he came back a few years after retiring.

    it’s a great pattern, back in the day i can’t even think of someone who played ODI other than Shaun Graf, and not tests. even the specialist T Chappell got a Test. bizarrely.

  4. Dave Brown says

    Dave Hussey would get a game ahead of at least Cosgrove. We’re fine for all rounder types but Shane Lee and Dan Christian are others that played a reasonable number of ODIs sans baggy green. You could put together a great team of one testers – as well as the ones mentioned above Faulkner, Ferg, Blocker Wilson et al

  5. Did Adam Dale play a Test? Ripper ODI bowler.

  6. Paganmaven says

    Yes, Adam had 2 tests in the late ’90s.

  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Ashley Noffke 1 ODI v India in 2008 and the next Warnie – Adam Zampa – yet to play a test.
    Tough one this Glen!

  8. Dave Brown, how did i forget D Hussey ?!? That’s a bad miss. Yep Shane Lee was another one i bypassed, and Dan Christian, & Shaun Graf, sort of got a green cap: both were 12th men for one test.

    Phil, Adam Zampa is young, he might get a green cap, ditto Travis Head and Scott Baoland.

    Paganmaven,how unlucky was Jamie Siddons. He toured Pakistan in 1988, didn’t get a test,played one ODI, then got crook, never to appear for Australia again. Gee whizz hindsight is a great thing,. Who knows how he might have fared if he’d not toured Pakistan ?!


  9. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Factoring in the ‘Next Warnie’ curse Glen! Zampa has no hope !!

  10. Luke Reynolds says

    I was a fan of Brett Geeves as player and even more so now with his writing a commentary, he played a few good ODI’s, as did Bushrangers quicks Shane Harwood and Mick Lewis. South Australian spinner Brad Young struggled in his few ODI’s but I recall him doing well in the 1998 Commonwealth Games in matches that weren’t classed as official ODI’s.

    As Dave said, apart from D.Hussey for Cosgrove, you nailed the team Glen.


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