World Championships: lining up for the long jump

Dave Goodwin points Almanac readers in the direction of this excellent piece on the World Aths Championships website:


Dave goes on to say:


Today, 30 August, is the 20th anniversary of a magic moment in sport. Carl Lewis’ quest for Bob Beamon’s world record of 8.90 metres and beyond to 9 metres was one of the great sporting fascinations of the 1980s – ultimately doomed, but on this day Carl took silver with his greatest leap of 8.87 metres.


Mike Powell’s two decade old world record of 8.95 metres stands as a true landmark.


The men’s long jump at the Daegu World Championships is happening this Friday night, 2 September.


Australia’s outstanding Mitchell Watt, bronze medallist at the last Champs, has a best of 8.54 metres.

Almanackers will appreciate his sound footy pedigree. As a junior athlete he won the All-schools nationals in 1999 (Long Jump), 2000 (Long Jump), 2001 (Long Jump [national record], Triple Jump [national record], 100m). After the 2001 All-schools nationals, he decided to take a break from the sport for over 5 years. He took an interest in Australian Football and Rugby Union. In Australian Football he won two State premierships during high-school (2004, 2005) playing as a ruckman. In Rugby Union, he played in the outside backs and was vice-captain of theBrisbaneBoysCollege1st XV. He was a reserve for The Queensland Schoolboys in 2005, a team which several current Wallabies played in.

Footy’s loss is the world’s gain.


  1. Andrew Fithall says


    I thought you would like this tweet sent earlier today by David Culbert:

    David Culbert Still a thrill thinking about it. 20 years today I said to Mike Powell, “sit down mate, Carl still has two jumps to go.”


  2. John Butler says


    Should we all don long socks to support Mr Watt?

  3. Dave Goodwin says

    Thanks for that snippet Andrew. There is no better sight in sport (Buddy excepted) than a great long jumper in full flight 2 strides from takeoff. Am currently back living in Singapore for a while and it’s a very short flight to Korea. Tempting, when you look at the small crowds. And Saturday night is the men’s 200 and 1500!

  4. no trams?

  5. Dave Goodwin says

    Saturday night is Sally Pearson night too – this is a hotter ticket than Carlton-Saints.

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