Working hard for Australia

Never let it be said that Dips doesn’t work hard for Australia. Here is proof.


Working hard for Australia

Working hard for Australia


Yarrawonga Jan 2011 584

Yarrawonga sunset. Photo: Dips O’Donnell

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OK - which is the odd one out: Love the Cats and flannelette shirts, especially in winter. I get on extremely well with red wine. We just seem to hit it off. Love horse racing in Spring. Used to love cricket. Go to Stawell every Easter and contemplate life around the fire. Love water skiing, especially in summer. Get meaning from catching a beautiful curling wave. Love a great oil painting. Will read most things put in front of me. Thought 'The Sopranos' was the best TV show ever made - by miles. Run an accounting practice in Melbourne's suburbs.


  1. Dips,

    That looks like the makings of a horsey??

    The contents of the pool would have been reduced by a third when you lot hit the water simultaneously…..

  2. Bakes – I think it was. At the old Greensborough pool it was called a “rooter”.

    Maybe I was unleashing a “rollie”? Can’t remember.

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