Wollongong Surfer

Photo by Keiran Deck

A perfect way to spend a long weekend.


  1. Great Shot! But having been brought up in the city, there is one too many”o”‘s in the Wollongong byline! :-)

  2. John Butler says

    Just testing.

    It took 4 days for anyone to point this out.

    Does this indicate a certain Victorian-centric bias to the readership?

  3. Good pick-up Niall. Do you still live here? Without being too picky JB, I’m an ‘ei’ not an ‘ie’. While we’re on names, the passport office picked-up a funny ‘human-error’ at the beginning of the year. On my birth certificate, my Dad filled in my given names as ‘Keiran Storm Deck’ and my surname as ‘Deck’, thus giving me two ‘Decks’. So I will forgive you for this minor misspell JB :).

  4. John Butler says

    Consider that corrected as well KD. (a bad week for the typing fingers here at Almanac central)

    And consider yourself Mr Deck Deck henceforth.

  5. You need deck’n JB.

    Google in Marrawah, Keiran. Have a look at some of the waves in the ‘wild west’ of Tasmania.

  6. Hey Keiran. I lived in Wollongong from about the age of 2 (Garden Avenue, Figtree), went to school there and did an Arts degree at Wollongong Uni. I’m up in Leichhardt now. Mum still lives in Figtree so I get down there quite a bit still. I actually have a brother “ie” Kieran as well as luck would have it. Where did you take the shot?

    JB I was looking at this for a couple of days, thinking it would be perhaps pedantic to pick out a spelling mistake but yesterday could bear it no longer! :) It does seem to be the case that the Almanac is a little Victorian centric but that’s okay (my brother, sister and three delightful nieces live in Melbourne so I like to think I’m an a little ahead on the lingo). It’s educational and enlightening to us Northerners and good writing about sport and life is good writing! Also, with the rugby league focus, hopefully a few more non-Victorians will get on board and read and contribute.

  7. John Butler says

    That’s certainly our hope Niall.

    And it’s not pedantic to point out our errors. We’ll take any help we can get.

    I must admit the RL pieces are educating me on the otherwise dark arts of League. I have a long way to go.


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