Why Adelaide will win the flag



By Alex Wadelton


At this time of year, if everything goes right, every fan thinks their team can win the flag. Yes, even Richmond fans. So, over the coming weeks I will discuss in a completely unbiased and alphabetical manner why every single team can win the premiership this year.


First up, it’s the Mighty Adelaide Crows.





The Adelaide Crows are poised to return to the top of the ladder like their glory days of the Blight led `97 and `98 teams. Yes, technically, they never finished on top of the ladder, and a series of now extinct finals rules existed which allowed them to sneak to premiership glory through the back door, but the fact remains the Crows know how to win in September. If you ignore all those years when they didn’t in the mid 2000s.


There have been some big changes at West Lakes, all of which will end in the inevitable conclusion- whoever that guy that captains the Crows is (Ricciuto has retired hasn’t he?) will be holding up the premiership cup in late September this year.



Brenton Sanderson has been involved in three premierships at Geelong; a team once coached by two-time premiership coach of Adelaide, Malcolm Blight; a team Sanderson played against when he was playing for Geelong… after he previously played for 2010 premiers Collingwood in 1994, and then for 1997 and 1998 premiers Adelaide in 1992 and 93, when Blight was coaching Geelong to Grand Finals.


Clearly, all signs, point to victory; and a confusing over-use of punctuation.


Players to watch.

Big Tex, Taylor Walker, has finally got rid of the monkey shaped like Neil Craig off his back. There’ll be less footage of him drinking beers before games and more footage of him drinking champagne from the premiership cup.


Richard Tambling has apparently been a stand-out in the boxing ring this pre-season, which we all know is a prime indicator of a player having a Brownlow Medal like season. Watch for Blinga to sizzle.


Patrick “Dangerzone” Dangerfield has a really cool name, and an even cooler nickname so expect him to shine like never before. Just ignore the fact that his other nickname is “Rodney” and get around him fellas.



The Crows are poised to adopt a revolutionary game plan upon the AFL. Instead of dropping marks, being indirect and letting players escape from tackles they plan to kick bigger scores and let their opponents score less by kicking, handballing, marking and tackling better than in 2011.


Grab the odds on offer of 40-1 while you can. These Crows are flying all the way to the top.


Next up: Why Brisbane will 100% for sure win the 2012 premiership.


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