Who’s a Jolly good fellow?

Happy Grand Prix and NAB GF to all,

The tyranny of distance did not disrupt the flow of Aussie sports news to Malaysia.  Even to the point where Mickey Arthurs head appeared on the sports news in between the EPL news, by golly does that get a run in these parts.  Had a chuckle about the desire to emulate Man U, Fergie has had his share of recalcitrants but he has got great value out of the like of Cantona, Beckham, Keane and Rooney among others.

But for now matters footy are for discussion.  Darren Jolly used his piece in The Age to argue for more of a players voice on the rules committee and then went ahead stated that 3 members have relevant recent experience.  I don’t disagree with Joll that players should have a voice on the rules committee, but I reckon their voice should only be one rung above that of the coaches.  The committee has changed rules for health and safety reasons and to keep the public watching and attending games.  Their main beef with the game (and mine) is the clutter of bodies around the ball all the time.  Their objective is quite simple, open the game up.  One of those methods is to tire the players by reducing interchange numbers and placing a cap on them.  I reckon two interchange and two subs is the answer, but a cap on them is suitable alternative.

The thought that soft tissue injuries will increase as a result, might be true.  Over time players will work out the effort required to maintain a competitive level right through a game and will adapt, but only time will tell.  As for the idea that teams will flood again, sorry DJ they already are.  Haven’t you heard Mick’s “Plus One” mumbo-jumbo.  If the players want a greater voice on the rules committee, then they need to understand and address the objectives, not simply object to the suggestions put forward.

By the way I am concerned about the diving in rule change – not sure it will achieve its aim to protect players.  It might stop the Gary Rowan broken legs, but might create a few other injuries.  Time will tell.


For he’s a jolly good Friar

Congratulations to Marc Murphy as his appointment as Captain of the Mighty Blues.  One of the competitions premier clubs either loved or despised by all, a great honour for a Friar.  I believe his father John is the only other Friar to have captained and AFL/VFL club.


A Final to be wary of.

Whilst I personally am happy the NAB Cup Final will be played in Melbourne, it is a bit unfair on Brisbane who did manage to go through the competition undefeated.  A promotional opportunity missed for the AFL?  But it will be in the lounge room, which in my opinion is one of the major reasons for the concerns of the Rules Committee.  Without the effect of the elements and a small surface area it lends itself to a compressed style of game.  Both clubs will be happy to have made it through to the final and would think it represents hopeful signs for 2013.  Of recent years that is the case, but the scars from the 2005 and 2007 victories for the Blues have not completely disappeared. – yes there will be 25,000-30,000 in the lounge room, but the opportunity to have one of the more popular clubs play against Brisbane on the Gold Coast was a mistake in my opinion.  Whilst I’ll be happy to attend on Friday night, I would not have complained about having to watch it on the box from up north.


Cricket 1, Vlad 0

What a brilliant scheme by James Sutherland and his cohorts to sack a few test players just before the onslaught of AFL in the news.  The start of the cricket season has often been hijacked by recalcitrant AFL players, draft news and other AFL trivia, CA have brilliant executed a plan to take back the back page.

However, it is going to cost a few test matches.  No issue, we weren’t going to win them anyway!  But Mickey Mouse has drawn his line in the sand from now on all players will give him the respect he deserves.  What a bunch of bollocks!  He and Michael Clarke are trying build a winning culture – the first criteria to do that is to win.  Face facts, the team at the moment even with the best XI is not that good.  Australian cricket has been in this situation before.  There are many reasons that they are in the state they are in, but the apparent culture of written communication instead of face to face discussion is not the way Australian cricket has thrived or improved in the past.

The 1989 Ashes team “was the worst to leave our shores” but tore through the Poms.  The turnaround in that group actually went back to the 3rd test of the 1988-89 summer where Captain Grumpy’s team took a mauling at the hands of the West Indies.  The Boxing Day test (which actually began on Dec 24) was the final straw with the team losing heavily and going down 3-0 in the series.  Captain Grumpy drew the “line in the sand” and the players “bought in”.  They went on to win in Sydney and draw in Adelaide – then that fantastic 1989 victory in England.  The current methods being deployed to get “buy in” would not appear to be working.  Grumpy he may have been, but methinks M Clarke needs to learn a bit from Allan Border and some of the other past “players” captains.


Weaving a Webber

I sat in the lounge at KL airport and shared banter with a member of the Williams F1 team.  Much has been said about the merits of the event, but from a team perspective I can say they love the Melbourne event and the support it gets from the locals.  At $500 a night for the hotel rooms that usually go for $250, local business don’t do too badly either.  At least two readers of this email will get direct benefits through either business or employment at the event.  Yes there is a cost involved and the attendance numbers are rubbery, but it puts Melbourne in front of the world.  Now can Mark Webber provide a local fairy tale?  I doubt it – but what story that would make.


The Festival Moves North

Finally a successs at a good price with Shamexpress last week, just bad luck I was on the golf course and not the racecourse!  This week Melbourne racing heads off to Bendigo, whilst Sydney takes the reigns with the Randwick Guineas (G1, 1600m, 3yo) at Warwick Farm.  The race is missing the absolute top drawer of the 3yo with Pierro, All Too Hard, Super Cool and Fiveandahalfstar from not lining up, but the next tier is still pretty good.  Rebel Dane and Proisir chased Pierro home in the mud a couple of weeks ago and would appear to have this race between them on that form.  But coming from another form line and with 6 from 7 record, I reckon Sacred Falls represents better value.  But there are plenty of other with chances, the undefeated Ferlax, It’s a Dundeel will be storming home late and Tougher Than Ever.

Selections R6 – 6-3-7-1


For the Quaddie going with the Sydney scene and another wide offering, so looking for a split with at least one of the longer odds selections to pump up the dividend.


Leg 1 – R5 – 2,4,5,6,7

Leg 2 – R6 – 1,3,4,5,6,7

Leg 3 – R7 – 1,2,9,11

Leg 4 – R8 – 3,5,6

360 Combinations so a $30 investment will return 8.33% of the dividend.


Go Blues, Go Webber,

Cheers, Sal


  1. Well done – a $1070 quaddie!

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