Who is your best player for Sydney?

Who is Sydney’s best player? We’ve got Buddy, Tippett.

Gary Rohan is the best player in my opinion and he gets the ball like a sly fox. He’s a great player because he runs like an Olympic runner.

Who is your best Sydney player?

By Charlie Dillow.


About Charlie Dillow

I am twelve and I am in year Six at Woodside Primary School. My Dad and l love the Sydney Swans and try to watch every game.


  1. I’m not a Swans fan, Charlie, but my favourite Sydney players would be Kieren Jack and Mike Pyke because they made the transition from non-Aussie Rules backgrounds.
    My favourite all-time Swan is Derek Kickett because he comes from my hometown (Tammin in WA).

  2. Hi Charlie. Great to hear from you. I am a big fan of Josh Kennedy, Ted Richards and Adam Goodes. But I think they are a terrific team and all have qualities which are admirable.

  3. jan courtin says

    It difficult to separate between best and favourite. I would have to say Dan Hannebery and Joey Kennedy. My all-time favourite is Bobby Skilton (a bit before your time though!!) followed by Brett Kirk.
    Go the Swannies!

  4. Dave Brown says

    Good question, Charlie. My favourite Sydney player is Heath Grundy because he came from Norwood and is a really good defender. Defenders often don’t get recognised for being really good at their jobs.

  5. jan courtin says

    How could I have forgotten to type in Goodesy in my comment to you earlier! He has always been one of my favourites, but more than anything, he is just one of the very best!

  6. Steve Hodder says

    Cooee Charlie,
    I think I’m the only one to have spotted the trick in your question; there are no good Sydney players, just a few “good ordinary” ones you nicked from the mighty Hawthorns.


    Steve, Lily and Louis (Moya would agree too!).

  7. Charlie Dillow says

    Dear Steve,
    The good best SYDNEY players were shooting hawks on the Harbour bridge today……and tell moya that as well too.

  8. Steve Hodder says

    Touchè Charlie! I still like McGlyn.


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