Wheels of fortune and other puns

In the last 2 weeks I have arrived to watch the Blues take on Port Adelaide and Richmond using 2 different sets of wheels.

The Port wheels were attached to a Boeing aircraft, and gave Jeff and I time to relax in Adelaide. There was no relaxing during the game of course, it was tense and exciting, and we were thrilled with our comeback win.

For the game against the Tiges last week, I opted for surburban railway wheels. I wanted to savor the full experience of Tiger fans in delirium, and was not disappointed. We existed in a sea of hyped-up yellow and black.

Another comeback win had us laughing, and dreaming of another final.

Tomorrow morning, I am being transported to Sydney along the Hume Highway, in my brother’s “wheels”.

In truth I am transported by football, not to it.

This has been happening to me for a couple of decades now, and while the season is on, I am living 2 lives, my real life of work, family and friends and my surreal life of football watching, reading and discussing it. The Essendon saga had consumed my interest, but not any more. Now I am thrilled that we are talking football finals that actually include my team!

I am able to lead my double life with energy, and with the generosity of my husband. But it becomes exhausting by the end of the season. On the rare occasions when the Blues make the finals, my energy levels go up a notch, and I am in over-drive. This is one of those occasions.

But when the Blues are knocked out, I have a confession to make: disappointment is tinged with relief. I have a bit more time in my life and can recover for the start of the next season.

Tomorrow morning, early, Tony, Charles and I leave Melbourne by car for the much-anticipated Carlton v Sydney semi-final. To think the Blues have made it this far, at the expense of Essendon, is just funny. The wheels of fortune have turned dramatically since the Bombers last beat us. To me, it’s karma; what goes around comes around. Usually not quite this fast though.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this past week. I have enjoyed the week basking in Carlton’s glorious win against Richmond, and also for the reactions of Magpie fans after their elimination at the hands of Port Adelaide.

After sneering at the Blues for taking on their dismissed ex-coach, we now have the last laugh at Magpie fans. We actually finished AHEAD of the Pies J. So maybe Malthouse wasn’t such a hack after all?

Their rapid and brutal response to their unexpected loss is providing much entertainment: which player will they spit out next?

As the car with three footy tragics is sucked inexorably towards ANZ Stadium, we will discuss many things. We will discuss our team, other teams, probably some politics. But underlying our every thought is: are the Blues good enough?


  1. Barb,

    Glad you are enjoying the misery of others.

    No one sneered at the desperate Bradbury Blues for signing Mick. He cost us the 2011 flag with his big mouth so I can tell you he left with our blessing. We may be out be we did get to enjoy two great wins against the Bradbury Blues this year with our young team.

    Safe trip to Sydney. Your mob are a chance if they get the ball on the outside.

  2. Enjoy the ride Barb

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