We have just witnessed the Grand Final preview


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The epic encounter between Hawthorn and Sydney was the grand final preview, or at least it should be.

These two clubs are the best teams running around at the moment and last night’s big clash at the MCG lived up to all the lofty expectations.

It was the biggest home and away crowd ever recorded that involved a non-Victorian club.

It was an arm-wrestle for most of the first half with neither side able to break away and create a formidable lead.

The ten million dollar man in Lance Franklin was excellent against his old side and put in a performance similar to their earlier match with seven scoring shots by the main break.

The Swans appeared to have all the momentum early in the third term and led by 23 points seven minutes into the quarter.

But the experienced heads at Hawthorn in Luke Hodge, Sam Mitchell, Jordan Lewis and Jarryd Roughead got their side back into the match and into a leading position by the final change.

It was a nail-biting last quarter but eventually a determined Hawks prevailed to win by ten points.

Both sides are missing stars with Sydney feeling the absence of hard running midfielder Daniel Hannebery, a player with a brilliant record against the Hawks.

Meanwhile the Hawks are without Norm Smith medallist Brian Lake and Cyril Rioli.

A play-off on the last Saturday in September is enough to make the majority of football fans salivate.

Geelong have had a consistent season but their position on the ladder has arguably flattered them to this point.

Fremantle have been unlucky with a few injuries and Ballantyne’s lack of discipline but last week’s brain fade loss to St Kilda lost them respect amongst the rest of the competition.

The Swans’ past 12 weeks have been impeccable and Tippett’s inclusion should only strengthen them structurally.

Hawthorn are starting to become resemblant of Geelong circa 2007-2011.

They get into the game when it matters and have proven that they can chase down a lead.

I look forward to the finals with great anticipation and hope to see these the Swans and the Hawks battle it out for the flag.

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Born and bred in Darwin, Northern Territory, I am a young, aspiring football writer that lives and breathes the game of Australian Football. I'm also a keen player and coach.


  1. Tony Robb. says

    Agree Jackson. Sadly such a great match up will be lessened by the channel 7 commentary team. Would Taylor just shut up. I don’t give a shit what Lingy is sensing. I will watch a claiclairvoyant on late night TV if I want to know what someone is sensing. And Brien, given the game was at the MCG, the only “anything” that Richards waa going to run into was possibly another player, not a truck on the Monash or Bigfoot.
    Thanks Jackson

  2. Tony. Turn off the volume. Use radio if necessary…the lapse works in your favour if you are browsing the paper also. Must say, though, that footy is hard to watch on TV and harder to listen to. I went last night. Good game.

  3. tony robb says

    Crio i agree The second half was a ripper. Buddy kicks straight they win

  4. Steve Hodder says

    Buddy never kicks straight! But neither does Roughy.

  5. Peter Flynn says

    Agree Jackson.

    I took in a bit of the game while at the Echuca Blues Festival.

    The standard was scary.

    Lightning momentum shifts.

    >=5 goals better than the rest.


  6. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good article again Jackson correct weight and all clear . Only 5 Goals PF ?

  7. cowshedend says

    Loved the game, but few big questions there.Some of the older blokes are starting to play to their age.
    Dry, windless September day will be very interesting,Lake when at the Dogs and Gibson when he was at North, used to have nighmares against Franklin, you would think Tippet would have a day out in good conditions, and Reid would love a fast track as well.
    Swans seem to get very little out of McVeigh and Kennedy, but were short of outside speed

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