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 One of the really nice things – something that gives us a real lift – is meeting (via email at first) the people who register at the Almanac to become contributors. I try to send them a welcome note, which includes a few questions (Including golf handicap) which our new writer may choose to answer. It’s optional (of course). Most people do answer. The questions are about where people are from, what sports they enjoy, what their occupation is and so on. It helps us build a profile of our contributors – and that profile is diverse.


Recently I received this delightful email from Darlene Zimbardi:

This saying will date me and may even be the wrong saying but what the heck – I’m from across the pond, I live in Portland, Oregon.

I encountered your Almanac through “Stereo Stories.”   Sports wise I haven’t watched much since I was a kid in Philadelphia and all the teams were winning the championships in the late ’70s early ’80s.  Favorite teams: Skating on ice the Flyers, balls in the baskets – 76ers, America’s pastime the Phillies, I think the only team that stunk during that time were the Eagles playing American Football.   So favorite sport is bopping around while listening to music.  Education – I’ve had a varied career and are awaiting a bolt of inspiration as to what I’ll do for the future but I have a Bachelor’s degree in TV production (Temple U.),  a Master’s degree in Theatrical Arts (NYU) and another Master’s degree in elementary education (Portland State).  I’m on leave from teaching English as a second language to Kindergarteners through 5th graders. The few times I have played golf I’ve enjoyed it but I don’t play it well at all. 


Welcome Darlene.


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  1. Welcome aboard Darlene. We have a well worn rating scale for new contributors here in Almanacland.
    Sports barracking: 7/10. You have a broad interest but your teams appear far too successful. Deduct 3 points as per Hawthorn threepeat scale.
    Education and Career: 10/10. Harms says former English teachers automatically get this mark.
    Golf: 10/10. This is where many other new contributors fall short, but you have described the game perfectly. Golf is meant to be enjoyed – not played well. We like something or someone – because. We love something or someone – despite.
    I look forward to your next contribution. Excellent start.

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