WAFL: Sharks beat top team and it’s mothballs


If you’ve ever wondered why I’m the only paid contributor to the footyalmanac site let me take you to back to 29 July  when five teams were vying for two places in the four:

“My prediction is that East Perth and Swan Districts will make it.”

Now for the WAFL finals…


East Fremantle did their bit in the last round of qualifying fixtures in the WAFL. They came from behind at three quarter time to knock off top team Claremont – unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get them into the four. Andrew Stephen was outstanding again in defence for the Sharks, his father Peter won the Lynn Medal in 1970, could Andrew do the same? Mark McGough was good again and Richard Hadley was outstanding in possibly his last game. Ian Richardson kicked three goals for the Tigers and Jake Murphy did his Sandover hopes no harm.


East Fremantle 13.9 (87) Claremont 11.11 (77)


There was a howling breeze at Bassendean but both teams had trouble with it. Defenders Jamie Bennell, Kyle Hams and Graham Jetta were outstanding and Tim Geappen’s three goals were invaluable. I try to avoid mentioning stats in this forum but Shane Nelson’s 42-disposal effort is worth mentioning. Fellow midfielder Aaron Black played well and Rohan Kerr kicked three goals.


Swan Districts 10.13 (73) West Perth 7.13 (55)


It was tight at Leederville until the last change then Josh Smith took control. Smith finished with four goals and is the winner of the Bernie Naylor Medal after a season’s tally of 62. Paul Johnson, Cale Morton and Brendan Lee warmed up nicely for the finals. Aidan Parker was the best of the Lions.


East Perth 11.16 (82) Subiaco 8.15 (63)



Brennan Stack kicked four goals in the last quarter (five for the game and 52 for the season) to help Perth surge to victory over South Fremantle at Lathlain Park. Brett Hodge had another good game and Kyle Reimers had perhaps his best game of the season. Paul Bevan kicked two goals to make it 55 in possibly his last game for the Demons. Ben Saunders kicked four goals for the Bulldogs, Sean Tighe was outstanding in the ruck and Marlon Pickett followed his brilliant debut with a strong showing.


Perth 17.13 (115) South Fremantle 13.13 (91)


On Sunday Swan Districts play East Perth at Bassendean Oval in the first semi final. The second semi will be between Claremont and West Perth at Claremont Oval.


Dear editor: Any chance we could pump it up to $2 a column for the finals? Cheers mate. I’ll pay the train fare to Bassendean. [What about $1.50 and a couple of Favourites Mint Bubblies? Ed)

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  1. Dearest Roadrunner,
    Thank you for your weekly summaries of our traditional local comp.
    This will be our last chance to resume serious hostilities for the year. My Black Ducks beating your Royals is my last chance for some footy joy this season.
    Will you be back from Kardinia Park in time to join in festivities, or are you taking in the surf break at Bells on Sunday? Drowning your sorrows.
    Just in case I will wait for you on the platform at Success Hill at 1.30 on Sunday, before adjourning to the can bar at Basso where I will have the usual falling anvils and dynamite waiting for you.
    I can understand that it may be difficult for you on Sunday having to utter those immortal words “go Selwood, you little beauty”. I have promised Mr Harms that I will capture it on video.
    I thought I was farewelling Andrew Embley and Adam Selwood last Saturday, but I should have gone to the Whitlams concert instead and cheered them on opposing sides this weekend in the WAFL finals.
    Yours in enmity,
    Coyote Pete

  2. Dear Mr PeterB
    I should have known you were awake to Success Hill as the station of choice for Bassendean Oval. Maybe I’ll get off at Guildford and walk – it might make it easier to spot an ambush.

    The can bar at Basso looks (and sounds) so appealing but I’ll stay away from there too.

    Enjoy your last game of the season.

    “Go Adam, YOU’RE (one of) THE BEST (Selwoods)!!”

    I’m not heading east… the best thing about Kardinia Park is the train ride back to Melbourne.

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