VFL Round 20 – Williamstown v Port Melbourne: What’s the weather doing? 

Sideways rain, hail, a gentle six to eight goal breeze, bright sunshine, the occasional rainbow and a couple of sprays from Gary Ayres. Sunday’s clash between traditional VFL rivals Port Melbourne and Williamstown at the Williamstown Cricket Ground had it all.


The home side ultimately made the better of the wind, kicking 10.14.74 to Port Melbourne’s 7.14.56, for a final margin of 18 points.


The weather cleared enough for the hint of a rainbow to appear over the bay as the umpire prepared to begin proceedings.




Williamstown’s Ben Cavarra made his presence felt in the opening moments.




The Seagulls flew out to an early lead as the ball consistently flew out of bounds in the northern forward pocket at the City End.













Gary Ayres’ face at quarter time says it all after Williamstown shot out to an early 32-point lead. Or perhaps he was wondering who forgot their long stops…



Port Melbourne’s Matt Arnot (formerly AFL-listed at Richmond) sways as he watches his side kick another point. They kicked a frustrating 4.9 in the second term to cut Williamstown’s lead. A crucial goal into the wind from ex-Tiger Adam Marcon kept the home side ahead.



The sun bobbed up in the second term, making it tough to see from the seaside wing.




Keep your feet, son.




Gary Ayres ponders a frustrating quarter and a half-time deficit.



The third term. Coffee, beanies and beer were the prime ways the barrackers tried to keep warm.










Leigh Masters kicked Williamstown forward with the wind at his back in the third term. The sky continued to chop and change.




Players from both sides compete to knock the ball forward. In the background, a cargo ship floats by.



Williamstown’s Ben Cavarra snaps over his shoulder to kick the home side’s third goal of the third term. The hosts were wasteful, kicking 3.11 for the quarter, but still entered the last with a 34-point lead.
















Every man and his dog huddled around the visitors at three-quarter time. Gary Ayres gave his players something of a rev up…








A young spectator returns the ball deep in the last term, again in the northern pocket at the City End.




A brave Seagulls fans refuses to be beaten by the rain.



Williamstown’s Lachlan Schultz dives to smother Tom Hobbs’ snap in the final term, saving a certain (and crucial) goal.











The W.L.Floyd Pavilion at the Williamstown Cricket Ground during the VFL game between old rivals Port Melbourne and Williamstown on 20/8/2018




Williamstown players celebrate, shakes hands and leave the field, no doubt looking forward to a cold shower. A rainbow appeared over the bay in the game’s final moments.








Gary Ayres scratches his head after the final siren.





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  1. LenRodwell says

    That is truly a story through pictures (with a few words thrown in). Loved it.

  2. Wally from Williamstown says

    Thanks Jack, that was great, i too was at the game but huddled upstairs behind glass in the warmth, but did venture downstairs for the last quarter whereupon it immediately started raining & was bitterly cold but the victory warmed the spirits somewhat, as we owed Port one after last years Prelim Final loss.


  3. Fantastic work, Jack.
    Pt Gellibrand: Picturesque, beautiful, but usually windy…and bitterly cold in July and August.
    Great too see that you captured the always iconic shot of a cargo ship cruising past.

  4. Mandy Johnson says

    Great action shots Jack but I think my favourite is the patrolling seagull

  5. Great stuff Jack.

    I’ve been to a fair few Port Melbourne games at the Williamstown ground, though not for a few years now. Cold, blustery, footy is a winter game, with a match at Williamstown a marvellous setting

    I work in Williamstown occasionally; like this week. From the older persons high rise block in Hanmer St there are fantastic views across the bay. Highly recommended

    Keep up the good work, especially the great pictures.


  6. Thanks all.

    What a day, despite the weather!

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