VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS v Fitzroy: Smokie’s preview of the big match

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  1. Paul Daffey says

    Hi Smoke,

    Grey-bearded throwback is a great description. That bloke obviously thrives on the notoriety. Just get Tom Cannon to stand next to him. Then, like the rest of us, Old Mate would find plenty to distract him.

    If you’re a footy fan in Williamstown, isn’t the wind supposed to be your friend?

    Last, go Roys!

    I would love to be there this week, but I’m talking before the Macleod v Greensborough match. Opposite end of Melbourne in many ways.


  2. In pictorial terms Smokie you have painted a brilliant portrait of a boorish footy fan. We all know onevor have says beside or in front of one. They are irksome but your words are not.

  3. Should have added, I’m about to leave for Highett Reserve under similar windswept conditions but with the added sweetener of rail and HAIL… Go Bears

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