VAFA: De La replace Tigers in second spot on day of Ammos drama

There was only one change of note on the A- and B-section ladders after Saturday’s final round, but there was a lot of drama before what turned out to be little movement.

In A-section, De La Salle earned the double chance after replacing St Bede’s-Mentone Tigers in second place with an 87-point victory at Waverley Oval. De La Salle had five shots at goal in the opening minutes and never let up.

Former De La Salle captain Ben Corin, who was dropped two weeks ago, kicked six goals from full-forward, while fellow key forward Leigh Harrison kicked one goal in his second game back from a European holiday.

Collegians appeared set to grab fourth spot early in the second quarter when they had top team Old Xaverians under control while Uni Blues trailed Old Scotch by nine goals.

Collegians co-coach Simon Arnott left the Harry Trott Oval at half-time to fly to Sydney to join in the celebrations for Sydney forward Michael O’Loughlin’s last AFL game.  O’Loughlin, Arnott and Matthew Nicks shared a house early in their Swans careers.

Arnott’s fellow Collegians coach Mark Hibbins took the reins as the Lions held on for an 18-point victory. Former Collingwood, Hawthorn and St Kilda player Nick Stone was a clear best on ground for his performance on a wing.

Collegians had their finals hopes punctured, however, when Uni Blues kicked 18 goals while holding Scotch to two goals to earn a 42-point victory in their match at Camberwell. The Blues held on to fourth spot by six percentage points.

Old Ivanhoe climbed off the bottom of the A-section ladder when it defeated Old Brighton by 44 points at Chelmsworth Park. Old Essendon finished on the bottom after losing at home to Marcellin by 64 points.

In B-section, St Kevin’s maintained second position when it defeated third-placed St Bernard’s by 30 points at Righetti Oval. St Kevin’s Mick Giansuracusa, a cousin of the Bulldogs’ Daniel, kicked five goals in a best-on-ground performance.

Old Melburnians held top position despite losing to Uni Blacks by eight points. Old Trinity held fourth spot despite losing to Old Carey by 29 points.

Eight-placed Hampton Rovers held on to their place in B-section when they won their clash against ninth-placed Ormond by four points.

Ormond was relegated along with Old Camberwell, which lost to Old Haileybury by 90 points despite bringing Ken Kingsley (ex-Geelong) and Tim Hazell (ex-Hawthorn) out of retirement for the match.


  1. Good afternoon Paul,

    VAFA C Division finals were held over the weekend and not one report to be found. And, whilst understanding it is ‘just’ C Grade the second semi final match between Caulfield Grammarians (one loss for the season) and MHSOB was a beauty with MHSOB’s running out victors by nine (9) goals. And, without classy veterans Cassell and Thompson.

    It could be a repeat of the 2004 Grand Final all over again… but let’s get over next weekend beforehand however should lightning strike twice a press story of these ‘two good ordinary footy clubs’wouldn’t go astray.

    Keep up the splendid work.


    John N. White
    Bright, Vic., 3741

  2. Hi Paul

    It wasn’t a good weekend for the Cardinals. With all three sides (Ones, Twos and Unders in the first Semi Final)being beaten by the Uni Blues.

    Could be a point to raise in your spot in The Age :)


  3. Hi John,

    I must admit the Melbourne High win did surprise me. Caulfield have been on top all year.

    Good luck in B-grade next year for the Unicorns.

    Is Roger McIntyre looking to play on? I know that at least one country club is keen to nab him.

  4. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the tip.

    Scotch and Brighton were the Port Adelaides of A-section. Both were capable of beating anyone, but they were inconsistent and, at times, embarrassing.

    It seems Scotch went bushwalking when it became apparent a few rounds out that they couldn’t make the four. The performance of Scotch’s senior team in the final three quarters against the Blues on Saturday must have been pathetic.

    I know some clubs don’t respect Scotch’s response to pressure. Not sure about Brighton in this respect.

    At least Scotch have been in A-section for almost three decades, which is the longest stint of the current clubs. They’re the only club never to play lower than B-section, which is a great record. They just need to convert this (ironic) consistency into an A-section premiership at some stage.

    Brighton were a yo-yo club until recently (as were Trinity). They might need to revise their recruiting policy. Apparently they had a lot of tall imports and felt obliged to play them.

    As for mentioning the Scotch firsts, seconds and third in The Age, probably not. The weekend has passed. I’d be hard pressed to mention any club not playing in the finals from now on.

  5. Woody Wilson - De La says

    Earlier in the year OLd Brighton supporters (and indeed De La supporters) were gobsmacked at the dazzling display of classy, running, gunning football that De La put on at Dairy Bell in stomping all over OBs.
    Well, similarly, St Bedes followers were generally shocked at the high powered, sustained standard of football De La kept up for 4 quarters to shut out SBMT. I sttood with Mark Tyquin and had a chat with Dale Collins post game and they just weren’t sure just what went wrong.
    However, its a new ball game against the high powered Xavs this Sat…and we’ll take nothing for granted. Hopefully we have learnt from our 8 point defeat some 6 weeks back. Should be a beauty!!

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