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  1. Tony Tea says

    Get on the draw.

  2. Du Plessis is like that old minister that Breaker Morant gets Lieutenant Handcock to bump off. I fear we’re about to see his horse and cart wandering aimlessly in the outfield soon, with Mitch looking sheepish at fine leg.

  3. Don’t think Barry Richards thinks Aust can win – spent a few minutes on ABC radio talking about tyres and punctures.

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    The draw is looking better by the minute geez they fight South Africa a lesson to every 1
    De Villiers will bat all day

  5. Need to whizz through these to get one new ball over in before lunch. Chance?

  6. Faf knows too much. He must be eliminated.

  7. Matt Brown says

    It’s gripping because this is what Test cricket is about. A test. Where batsmen are asked to play in a style they may not be comfortable with to achieve a goal. And it makes a mockery of the excuse Australian commentators use all too often when a batsman from this country loses his wicket playing a reckless shot … the he “has to play his natural game.” Nonsense. A true test cricketer adapts. And that’s why AB De Villiers is one of the best.

  8. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Cheap meat pies and cauliflower, gripping radio, bring on the new ball

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Don’t do the cheese griller or the sheep’s brain pie. Now it is the fondue

  10. Betfair says Aus $1.58, Draw $2.72

  11. Where is C Harms when you need him? O for an off spinner who can turn the ball. Lyon’s role is to keep it tight while the quicks have a spell. Couldn’t turn a seminarian.

  12. Dare I say: Watto may have a role here. (Is he fit enough to bowl?)

  13. E.regnans says

    It’s scheduled day 15 of 15 before I realise that the Lomond has cricket in the front bar.
    Great cricket.
    Carn NM Lyon.
    Carn MJ Clarke.

  14. Luke Reynolds says

    Watto and Lyon don’t look like getting a wicket at all. Would like to see one of the 3 quicks on as often as possible.
    Totally absorbing cricket.

  15. Great delivery by Australia’s #1 wicket taking spinner.
    Barry Richards is NOT an NLyon fan.

  16. Peter Flynn says

    Anybody still watching?

    Have been listening but now relying on cricinfo.

    It comes down to Mitch for mine.

    SA love these situations. They seem to treasure these more than wins.

    Clarke batted on too long.


  17. Yes, up and about.

    I think N. Lyon should bowl at the JPD. I think he should bowl at Deadly Derek pace for a few deliveries.

    I think Harris is the best bet, if he can move. The anaesthetist is waiting for him in the front row.

    Where are you?

  18. Has M. Morkel got one last run out in him?

  19. Peter Flynn says

    I’m in Las Vegas and it’s just after 6:30am.

    I’ve got Ryan Harris knees after my hike down the Grand Canyon yesterday.

    Lyon over the wicket to the right hander.

    Philander is a good cricketer as Richie would say.

  20. Has S. Smith got the zooter. #straightoneworks

  21. Peter Flynn says

    How restricted is Steyn?

    Duminy, Poor shot?

    Great captaincy?

  22. Peter Flynn says

    Mitch too short to the Philanderer it seems.

    I’d give Smith one more over before bowing Watto (is he fit?)

  23. Steyn looks OK. Smith almost had him – needed the Warne straight one.

    JPD – on auto-pilot. Played the round his pad leg glance without recalling the leg slip was in place.

    Both bowling and batting very good in the circumstances.

    Riveting. I’d say a lot up watching.

    Probably nice fluctuations for investors.

  24. Peter Flynn says

    Clarke has a tough decision here with Mitch.

    Keep bowling him or take him off.

    Gamble on one more.

  25. D. Warner may well be posturing for a trundle.

  26. Peter Flynn says

    ‘Slasher’ Steyn.

  27. Peter Flynn says

    D Warner, leggies or that slow medium rot?

  28. Massive short one from Johnson nearly takes the set batsman’s head off. Glove? Not looking like it. ????

  29. Peter Schumacher says

    The Proteas make our efforts in not staying the distance to the end of day four look pretty ordinary.

  30. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good point Peter does any 1 no how much rain occurred in what should have been day 5 in 2nd test ? Relying on radio thoughts on the overturned decision just then ?

  31. Peter Flynn says

    What drama!

  32. I’d say that Philander was fortunate: he shook his hand. But was it on the bat? Ump gave it out, so proof had to be conclusive to overturn the decision. Didn’t look conclusive. Lehman sharpening his pencil for the match report.

    Mental response from all is key now.

  33. Watto surprisingly innocuous earlier today. Thinking about whether he asked for a window seat on QF001.

  34. Peter Flynn says

    Is A Dar aware of the betting fluctuations?

  35. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Betting wise who is the 3rd umpire ?

  36. And here comes Watto.

  37. Brilliant from R. Harris. Imagine if he’d been fit all these years.

    Smith looks relieved. The balloon is popped.

    De Villiers looks upset.

  38. J Harms, 1:23am. “Harris is the best bet”.

    Any tips for the footy John?

  39. Gus, I reckon Harris will play at centre half back.

  40. What I liked about this series win were the contributions across the board. Most (if not all) players had their moments. It was an even spread of contributions. That will make us hard to beat.

  41. Peter Flynn says


    I lost internet and hence cricinfo just before the Harris over.

    The last moments sounded very tense.

    I was blissfully having a dad and Dave.

    Test cricket is a superb game.

    Thanks for keeping me informed.


  42. The Wrap. says

    We’ve destroyed two test captains in one summer. Both of whom have led their teams to #1.

    And spot on Dips – this test generation will have taken note of the SA stonewall defence. Well, maybe not Warno & Watto.

    Go you you Aussie Good Things. Put a gap in ’em.

  43. You don’t see him as a throwback to the times when Rene Kink was a body type that just screamed. CHF?

    Those knees can’t be relied on surely?

  44. Steve Fahey says

    Fantastic day of Test cricket which made for a challenge getting through the working day today. Shame for Australian cricket it wasn’t on free-to-air because the cricket played in this series was first-rate.

    Magnificent performances by both Harris and Johnson on a very dead track – they have become an elite combination over this summer. A lot of credit due to South Africa too, as several others have noted. Most Test teams lay down and die pretty meekly when they can’t win these days, with batsmen playing all sorts of ridiculous big shots. They showed that the draw can be realistically pursued with the right application, especially on a benign pitch.

  45. Wrap rises from the cave; hibernation over.

  46. Love the times of the overnight comment posts. I threw in the Verdun half an hour after tea. Old age & heavy eyelids! Woke up to the glorious news this morning (not the soccer). What a great effort by Harris. As Cats fans can we respectfully refer to him as Darky now JTH?

    Cheers, Burkie

  47. Steve Fahey says

    iInteresting that 2 of yesterday’s Sheffield Shield matches ended in tense draws, with Tassie batting a long time to salvage a draw against the can’t make or take a trick Vics and NSW’s last wicket partnership holding on for a draw against the SACAs in a crucial result.

    Did these teams take inspiration from the South Africans ? Has the art of hanging on for a draw been revived ?

  48. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Harmsy the 1 .23 am specialist has always done his best work late at night !

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