US Open

This has been a pretty good tournament although not the best by a long way.

The Olympic Course is superb: a sandy linksy course with trees – even though that doesn’t make sense. But I say that because it is windy and the ball sometimes runs on the quick fairways and greens and you have to bounce it in and judge the run, while at other times you can play target golf depending on the wind and the gradient.

It’s has some monsters (like the 460m opening first) and some cuties (like the 250m par 4 seventh).

You have to have great nerve to attack on the greens as an aggressive roll can easily wander 8 feet by. You may have seen Angel Carbrera 3-putt from 18 inches.

Bo Hossler is a terrific story. The leading amateur, who led the whole tournament for a hole or two during the second round, is 17 and still in high school, and I do like when a bloke who needs a larger belt and has a second chin as a teenager is in the process of becoming an elite sportsman.

So who wins?

Has to be a shot-maker who is solid on the greens, remains patient, and doesn’t get too worked up. (If only Goosen were starting closer).

Foggy moist conditions will make scores lower, but a red four-round total will probably win.

I reckon Furyk is hard to beat (he tees off in half an hour).

I might have a sneaky Lawson on The Duff. He’s got the game and the demeanour.

I’d say Westwood but he always finds a way to lose majors.

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  1. John Harms says

    Hossler is something else. And a sub-editor’s delight. Weekend Hossler no Sham Am.

  2. John Harms says

    If Fowlers dacks have pups I want one.

  3. Peter Flynn says

    I’ll have my eye on this while marking exam papers.

    Commentators grate. Sound down.

    McDowell for mein kampf.

  4. No one will beat Furyk today. He should take out McDowell behind the play.

  5. John Harms says

    Furyk looking nervous.

  6. Peter Flynn says

    It might come down to Ernie’s putter.

    Furyk looking furious.

  7. Peter Flynn says

    It might come down to Furyk’s putter!

    Furyk looking less furious!

  8. John Harms says

    What is the earliest a major tournament winner has been in the clubhouse? I reckon Thompson had finished as the leaders were on about the fourth?

  9. Johnnie Miller shot a last round 64 to win the US Open at Oakmont. Vague memory tells me he was out early and watched everyone else struggle on glass like greens. Sometime in the late 70’s I reckon.
    Following the scores at my work desk (sorry boss) via refreshing the scoreboard link. Go Macca or Ernie.

  10. Furyk might be furyking his chances!

  11. I’m in a godforsaken backwater with headphoned Yr9s….score update please?

  12. Peter Flynn says

    Droll Dips.

    Furyk +1 15
    Simpson +1 17
    Thompson +2 Clubhouse

  13. Note – Furyk just hit a snap hook – could be GORN

  14. Thanks Flynny.

  15. Peter Flynn says

    We could be back here tomorrow.

  16. could be – Furyk recovered. I still like him from here.

  17. ……………..then again I could be wrong.

  18. Andrew Starkie says

    Knew of a bloke in Wbool years ago who always put money on Fuyrk in majors. Wonder if he’s hung in there all this time.

  19. Andrew Starkie says

    good week for Scott and Senden.

  20. Is it over?

  21. Crio – McDowell and Furyk on 18. Both need to birdie

  22. The man with no Christian name won – Webb Simpson at +1.

  23. Andrew Starkie says

    sad for JF. has he won a major before? don’t think so.

  24. AS
    I think he has won a US Open previously, but may be wrong……..

  25. Andrew Starkie says

    ta smokie. Roos are back mate!

  26. Peter Flynn says

    Starks, Furyk has won a US Open.

    Smoke, you might be thinking of Scott Simpson who won a US Open.

  27. Apparently McDowell said after he missed the putt “well I’ll be Furyked”

  28. No, Flynny, ha ha…
    I was actually referring to J Furyk. The unsmiling one.

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