US Masters – live

This is phenomenal.

Adam Scott has just lost his second t the 15 th tirght, and Tiger has just hit a half-OK second tot he 18th.

A stack of players within one shot of Adam Scott at -11. And a few moe within two!

Jason Day just missed from 5 feet at 14. He looked so nervous he could hardly stand up.

Adam Scott  -11

Tiger Woods -10

Jason Day -10

Ogilvy -10

Donald -10

van Pelt -10

Scwartzel -10

This is going to get good.

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  1. johnharms says

    Adam Scott’s chip: lobbed, but no grip,runs well past and trickles down the slope. Tough furst putt.

    Ogilvy chips close at 18.

    Tiger finishes -10.

  2. johnharms says

    Adam Scott makes the tricky second putt for par.

    And so does Jason Day.

  3. johnharms says

    Chrales Schwartzel second to 15 from the perfect spot. Long iron. Dead straight, lands short, runs past the pin and over the back.

    Adam Scott almost holes his shot to 16, pin in that nor,al final-day Masters position.

    Ogilvy hole spout for par and 67 to fnish -10.

    Jason Day, good shot at 16, staright at it, but too pumped and flies to the back.

  4. johnharms says

    Jason Day, two putts.

    Charles Scwartzel chip, and putt for birdie. -11

    Scott taps in for birdie from a foot. -12 and leads by one.

    K J Choi, birdie at 15 to get to -10.

  5. johnharms says

    Adam Scott -12
    Charles Scwartzel -11
    Jason Day -10
    Tiger -10
    Ogilvy -10
    and others

    Don’t forget Cabrera who can make a birdie, at -9.

  6. I might have to be a bit late for work…

  7. Peter Flynn says

    I was hoping for a 3-way Aussie play-off.

    It’s Scott or Schwartzel for mine. 16 is crucial for the later.

    Best sport on tv each year.

  8. johnharms says

    Cabrera two putt Birdie at 15. -10

  9. Peter Flynn says

    I’ve never worked on a Masters Monday.

    Did anyone see Mcilroy on 10?

    Those cabins are miles left of the fairway.

    Only IBF could hit it there.

    I knew Schwartzel would birdie 16. I reckon he’ll win.

  10. johnharms says

    Schwartzel catches the left adge of the hole with his birdie putt at 16. -12 Meanwhile Scott has driven miles left and is in the green-side bunker on 7. Just has to get it out and over the trees and in the direction of the 17th.

    K J Choi misses at 16.

  11. Schwartzel for me. I see Australians and the Masters the same way as I see the Western Bulldogs and the Grand Final.

  12. johnharms says


    Luke Donald’s approach is going to finish dead until it hits the flag and ricochets backwards to teh front of the green and trickles off. But he holes the hip. -10

  13. johnharms says

    Scott in the back of the front pot. Long bunker shot. Leaves plaenty of work to make par.

  14. Peter Flynn says

    If Dimarco hit that chip a few years ago, he’d have a green jacket.

    Watch Cabrera’s putt on 16. He may have his back to the hole.

  15. johnharms says

    Day’s approach at 17 after a good drive is disappointing. Pin high but 30 feet left. Holable though. SEnsational confident roll. In! -11

  16. What a (Jason) Day!

  17. johnharms says

    Day thinks he can win. He’s 23.

  18. Great Scott!

  19. johnharms says

    Scott’s emotions are everywhere. Now he has to make the 12 footer. Quick putt. Good strike, and in it goes. -12

  20. Peter Flynn says

    No broomstick wielder has ever won a major.

    That chute on 18 is as narrow as it looks.

  21. Peter Flynn says

    J day looks like C Milan (dog whisperer).

  22. johnharms says

    Jason Day, great swing under pressure with the driver ot the centre of the 18th fairway.
    Schwartzel fashions an approach to 17. Fine shot. Birdie chance from mid-range.
    Cabrera – poor putt for par at 16. bogey. -9
    Scott pushes his drive up the right side but gets away with it.

  23. Peter Flynn says

    Schwartzel’s 2nd shot on 17 was genius.

    A Scott has to watch the block for his 2nd on 18.

    I reckon J Day is going to play a blinder of a 2nd shot.

  24. Peter Flynn says

    All the SA chokers are cricketers.

  25. johnharms says

    Scott, approach OK.

    Schwartzel holes at 17. OUtrageous. Leads by one.

  26. Schwartzel birdies 17 – all over ?

  27. johnharms says

    Day, straight at it. The boy from Qld has nerves of steel.

  28. Peter Flynn says

    Nearly Dips.

    A lot can happen on 18.

  29. johnharms says

    The two Australians walking up the 18th. Terrific stuff.

  30. Peter Flynn says

    J Day’s wife has beautiful skin.

  31. johnharms says

    Scott has a go but he’s too far away to expect to hole – unless he is Scwartzel. It’s a creditable aggressive putt. But no cigars.

  32. Scott too long on 18 – Schwartzel needs to do the time honoured South African thing – choke

  33. Peter Flynn says

    J Day birdie and Schwartzel bogey?

    That’d be a classic.

  34. johnharms says

    Go Jason Day

  35. Peter Flynn says

    This is gettable.

  36. DAY!!!!!!!!!

  37. Peter Flynn says

    That’s how you play 18 J Day

  38. johnharms says

    You champion. How many putts can these blokes make! So it’s down to Schwartzel. Can he make par up the final hole?

    Scwartzel -13 Day -12 Scott -12

  39. Peter Flynn says

    This is what sport is about.

    How are Schwartzel’s nerves at the minute?

  40. Peter Flynn says

    Back spin?

  41. Flynny – hopefully he thinks about it too much

  42. johnharms says

    Schwartzel in the centre of the fairway – somewhat distracted by a cameraman.

  43. John Butler says

    Scott’s put wobbled in like one of mine. He deserves to be in it. -12

  44. Peter Flynn says

    Good shot.

    He’s home.

  45. johnharms says

    Solid iron shot. Too good. A simple two-putt coming up.

  46. Red rover.

  47. Our boys just short – its a tough game

  48. Peter Flynn says

    Might be a one-putt.

  49. johnharms says

    Has anyone seen Sam Pang in Melbourne this weekend?

  50. Peter Flynn says

    We’ll win the Masters when we get rid of the Aussie voiceover man who always offers diddly.

  51. johnharms says

    Now, don’t be thinking Herscelle Gibbs.

  52. John Butler says

    J Day has the eyes of an assassin when staring a put down. S Pang is more of a lover.

  53. Schwartzel went long!!! 6 foot past

  54. Peter Flynn says

    I thought it’d be a one-putt.

    Pretty straight from there.

  55. sorry – all over

  56. johnharms says

    Is that a Renton birdie=birdie-birdie-birdie finish?

    By the way, my error in the tension of the moment, it’s Charl.

  57. Peter Flynn says

    Correct re Renton.

    These golfers don’t struggle off the course.

  58. johnharms says

    Yes it is 4-2-3-3. A lazy dozen. You could write a book about those 12 shots. Puts the 6-6 finish at Yarra Bend into perspective.

  59. Gigs – 4233 – the post code of??

  60. Peter Flynn says

    Tom Weiskopf took 13 at the 12th in 1980ish.

  61. Gripping stuff. Very uncomfortable. Could not barrack for Scott, I’m afraid, as I have real issues with the broomstick. Day’s a beauty, but the winner is a really good golfer. They don’t choke like their cricketers. Look at Els, Goosen, Immelman, Oosthuisen and now Schwarzel, who has been so consistently up with their best at home in recent times.

  62. Peter Flynn says


    Els had his chances to win a couple of US Masters. I reckon Goosen shot an 80ish when leading into the last round of a US Open. Broadly, I agree with your point.

  63. #59. Dips, sadly the postcode of nowhere. If it ever is, before Charl would be a good name.

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