Tribute to Tommy

I was extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Tommy Hafey as I am sure a lot of AFL followers were.

It was Tommy that first helped me love the sport passionately, and still to this day. Even though the official memory of barracking for the pies was 1972(presented with my first jumper with number 6 on it on my 6th Birthday), luckily it was one P. McKenna who played in my number.

But it wasn’t until 1977 that I first started to regularly go to the footy and would watch World of Sport every Sunday. Tommy had the pies playing a brand of footy that was fast, exciting and adventurous. I went to a heap of games from 1977 to 1981 and would share the joy and despair. I am not too ashamed to admit crying after every grand final loss. Tommy was everywhere then. Lou used to interview him every second day, whatever happened at Collingwood was big news.

Tommy was able to gel the team together and even though they never got the big prize, they were able to compete every week with, let’s be honest, less talented teams. We had no big centre half forward or full forward, he made Rene Kink and Craig Davis fight against the odds with success and we relied on a magic man called Daicos. We had plodders, working class heroes who Tommy got the best out of.

This week hurt me, for although I live interstate I still have the fondest memories of going to Vic Park and standing in the outer and eating hot jam donuts on the way home from the game listening to the Big H on the tranny and watching World of Sport. This was all due to Tommy, as he was the coach of my team and I am forever grateful.

Tom Hafey RIP


  1. Skip of Skipton says

    Despite the grand final defeats the Hafey years were a fantastic time to be following Collingwood. As Eddie Maguire said the other day, Tom Hafey brought the magic back to Collingwood. Quite so.

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