Top 100 World Cup Moments (From the Aussie P.O.V.): 89-Kennet Andersson’s ode to humble goal umpire. (1994)

The AFL has never really made inroads in to worldwide TV figures perhaps like the World Cup has in any way but around the time of the ‘I’d like to see that’ ad campaigns they got a free ride from Sweden’s star striker Kennet Andersson. The tall Swede was never a superstar at club level but much like Joshua Kennedy his size made him a valuable asset.

At the 1994 World Cup in the brilliant Swedish side he was joint top scorer in the tournament forming a prolific partnership with Martin Dahlin who scored 4 goals to make it 9 between them, way more than the much feted Romario/Bebeto combo for Brazil. What makes Andersson memorable for most down this way though was his goal celebration which was the Aussie goal umpires goal salute. The gesture from Andersson of course made the news here and most places with it being a bit of free publicity for the code.

Was Andersson a fan of Aussie Rules? Was he perhaps a died in the wool Bulldogs fan and yearned for them to win a flag? Did he see the goal umpire display before the 1993 Grand Final? Apparently he had been in Australia on holiday for whatever reason and see a couple of games so became a fan. There is also a 10 team league in Sweden with teams such as the Malmo Rebels and Falun Diggers. It was a nice little moment to savor on the world stage and quite memorable. The Swedes would finish third in the World Cup which was their best result since they made the final in 1958.

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