Toby Greene one of the AFL’s most overrated


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This may sound harsh but I pose the question, is Toby Greene one of the most overrated players in the AFL?

Unfortunately, we live in an environment that is obsessed with fantasy points and statistics.

It seems as though it is all football journalists and the general supporting public ever talk about.

But in modern football, a player’s foot skills and ability to use the football well is absolutely paramount to building a successful career.

Greene is not a good kick of the football and for a player that accumulates so much of the ball, he can be a liability for the Giants at times.

Despite a turbulent off-field career while at the Giants, the 20-year-old will play his 50th game for the club this weekend.

I am not suggesting he is a terrible player, as he does have a few redeeming qualities.

Greene is a tough, hard-working player and his tackling ability has improved over his short career.

But when GWS inevitably improves to the point of finals contention, Greene will need to change his role for the betterment of the team.

Many of the Giants’ emerging midfielders are exquisite users of the football and you would much rather the ball in their hands than Greene’s.

The Giants should hope that he can develop into a run-with player that can curb the influence of the opposition’s best players.

There have been comparisons drawn between he and Collingwood champion Dane Swan.

But despite both having questionable off-field interests, they are very different players.

Swan is not an elite user of the football himself, but his overhead marking, gut-running, size and goal-sense all far outweigh Greene’s.

Greene is not a terrible footballer but those suggesting he is a future Brownlow medallist are way off the mark.


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  1. Sean Gorman says

    Jackson it sounds like you have it in for Greene. I take your point that Swan and Greene have ‘diverse’ off-field interests. I think he even spent his 21st in court for the assault. But i saw TG in the round 17 game v the Purps. He was outstanding I felt. he knew where the ball was going to be and could use it. Golden rules in my book. I think he definitely shows potential for something bigger and maybe in another side like say Geelong or Freo he would be fast tracked even moreso to that end.

  2. So Toby has 35 disposals on Saturday, at 80% efficiency, while tagging Nth Melbourne’ captain and keeping him to 22 possies.

    That’s over rated

  3. kath presdee says

    I would have agreed with you at the start of the year. I would have agreed with you the week before the West Coast game.

    However, the five week suspension and a week in the NEAFL has seen a dramatic improvement in his work ethic and his performance.

    He will still need to work on disposal efficiency by foot. I agree he’s probably not going to be a Brownlow medallist (more likely to be Treloar and/or Shiel). But he’s making progress and, hopefully, will continue to improve for the Giants.

    A lot of Giants fans are disappointed that we lost Snipper and are really pleased he’s making a go of it at Richmond. I’d take him back in a heartbeat – but I don’t know if I would trade the current Toby for him.

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