Tim Weatherald: Footballer, mentor, Bali survivor

Passionate, competitive, influential, family, just bloody good bloke: all terms used to describe Tim ‘Soccers’ Weatherald (head shaped like a soccer ball) and of course, vitally, Bali bombing survivor.

I have known Tim since he was five or six, from being the son of Mick Weatherald, sports guru in SA. Mick’s knowledge of footy and cricket is as good as anyone going around and the man who got me out to Adelaide Uni FC in the first place (your popularity may have just dropped, Weathers). Tim was the mascot at the Blacks where Mick was the A grade and club coach with his ability to know everyone’s names in a club with 300 odd Players was simply remarkable

Not the last time mascot Weatherald would have the footy in his hands

With every player at Adelaide Uni having their own individual number, Tim had 1/2 on his back and, having grown fractionally the next year, it was upped to 3/4. Mick was also playing cricket for Payneham where his ability to celebrate a win or take a bag of wickets was legendary. Tim was often running around playing with Simon Goodwin – we used to joke that we would go and move the pedals in the car for Tim to drive home (geez, nothing really changed in that regard Tim).

Tim as many young sportsman back then excelled in both cricket and footy.

A few familiar names, not so much for cricket however


Some more familiar names

Ironic, re. Simon Goodwin and Nathan Bassett being in the state Under 17s cricket side with Tim and it would be remiss of me not to point out two fine junior mentors in the late Peter Wang and Richard Newman – two men I and many many others respected enormously. RIP Peter and Richard. In Tim’s own words the fact that the only junior state footy side he made was the state primary schools side but had made and been SA leading wicket taker in two Under 17 carnivals at that stage, he thought he may have more of a chance re. cricket success than footy. Alas it turned out the other way.

While, as time went on, I always followed Tim’s career closely, he was playing for Sturt so I didn’t see him play that often and after all they were the enemy of the mighty Redlegs. I ended up being involved at PAC where Tim was the head of junior sport. I umpired footy, helped out in Auskick at the school and coached cricket and ended up as assistant coach to Tim of the East Adelaide Zone in footy. So I was heavily involved and developed a close relationship with Tim – winning a SAPSASA championship with him was a highlight (we were both bloody pumped). Selecting the East Adelaide side we never let the yummy mummy rule affect our thinking whatsoever. Seriously making sure each school was represented if possible so that school would send out representatives the next year and with enough Grade 6 representatives to be the key players the following year was also a juggling act and I reckon we did a good job.

The year after we won, we lost a game on the first day and were ‘ahh well’ and then we kept winning the rest of the week. In the game we lost, a player had missed a goal in the last 10 seconds of the game to put us in front. He went to his mum and asked ‘did I cost us the championship?’ She replied ‘do you want the answer “mummy still loves you” or the truth’ (gold, we will see if more comes out in the comments section). I also observed before a game where one of our key players was misbehaving, Tim turned round when I did and immediately changed the side he was going to be playing and the offender was on the pine. Discipline and just general good behaviour was expected and enforced if necessary. I really enjoyed SAPSASA footy with Weathers.

Tim had made his debut for Sturt in ’95 under the coaching of Fabulous Phil Carman and endured the last part of Sturt’s wooden spoon run before they rose through the ashes to play in the ’98 Grand Final – a close hard fought loss to Port Magpies (remember them?). Tim’s career achievements for Sturt (a B&F runner-up three times, Advertiser Team of the Year four times) show he was a top level SANFL player. But it is his achievements in 2002 that are the bee’s knees – tying with team mate Jade Sheedy to win the highest individual award the Magarey Medal and helping Sturt end their 26 year flag drought. They won the 2002 Grand Final in the end very comfortably over favourites Central District.


I was delighted for Weathers also the significance of it being a family achievement with Mick being assistant coach and ex-Adelaide Uni FC coach Brenton ‘Sticks’ Phillips. In particular, of course many will know that Sturt’s celebrations were cruelly cut short and the world turned upside down re. the Bali terrorism act just a few days later. While we were all shocked and appalled, it for me just still didn’t feel real until I saw on the TV Sturt arriving back and the vision of Tim hugging his mum Julie. I balled my eyes out as I am sure many others did


Speaking to Graham Dunstan, then Sturt footy General Manager this week, the emotion was still very much in his voice about how the club had been informed that Josh Deegan’s body had been found just before the plane landed. Trying to inform the group with the throng of media present and then the club deciding the best way to deal with it was to hold a press conference. Mocha Dunstan said he will always be eternally grateful for Tim volunteering to be the player to try and describe what the group had been thru and was experiencing. That is elite leadership – we’re not talking about a game (Tim even subconsciously being the one to carry Bob Marshall’s bag in again another example).

I was doing an Auskick clinic with Tim at PAC and I had hesitated for a while (yes, unusual for me) about asking Tim about Bali. He replied quickly and very firmly ‘please do, Malcolm. I have been encouraged to speak about it’. While it is still unfathomable to even remotely take in and I reckon you have to have been there to really understand what they had been through, it still gave me a brutal insight in to what Tim had experienced.

Tim then told me he had been encouraged to and had written a book: ‘Tim’s Story’

Now, Tim’s close family environment in Mick, Julie and his sister Corinna helped him through it. Then fiancé now wife, Marnie, who is a superstar; as friendly and bubbly person as I have ever met has been a rock helping Tim with his nightmares (not as frequent now) and just being so supportive.

Tim has been a leader in the yearly cricket game between Sturt footy and cricket in memory of Bob Marshall and the golf day re. Josh Deegan, also being an instigator in the catch up Remembrance Day on the anniversary of the Bali bombing.

ENORMOUS respect and admiration from us all, Tim!

In speaking with Sticks Phillips since re. the premiership defence he made the point that psychologically Sturt were in totally unexplored territories not knowing how to try and move forward. How some individuals were coping better than others (‘hey, ‘book they don’t do coaching manuals trying to cope with terrorism’ is a bloody good way of putting it Sticks ). As well, again, writing this I also wish to acknowledge and thank Julian Burton who going through hell himself showed so much character setting up The Julian Burton Burns Foundation – you’re a star Juica.

Sturt understandably fell away to some extent in the next few years, with losing a lot of experience through retirements and Sticks admits he and the club made errors, especially in his final year in 2005. While Tim had been reasonably consistent in his own form through this era. Ricky McGowan became coach and Tim was used a lot off the bench.

Sturt had lost the elimination final and Tim was comfortable and in the meeting with Ricky was going to retire but Ricky said ‘no there is still a spot and you are needed’. So Tim fired up pre-season only to then be told that Ricky didn’t see Tim as part of the best 22 and that he would play reserves; possibly needed later in the year (ok, time for me to be honest, in my opinion it was as poor a coaching move as Chadd Sayers not being picked for South Africa).

Tim understandably didn’t want to finish up that way and so retired only to be approached by several clubs. There was more than a touch of irony in that Tim went to watch South Adelaide play a trial game against North at Prospect, with then Norwood coach Trevor Hill turning up at the game and by sheer chance running into Tim which is how in the end he ended up at the Parade (this happened during SAPSASA time, so I discussed all potential outcomes and ramifications with Tim trying to remove my Norwood hat. When Tim was hesitant about the travel to Noarlunga I replied ‘you have answered the question yourself’. I walked away confident we had a new Norwood player. Tim signed the following day).


Tim was due to make his debut for the Redlegs’ Reserves against North at Prospect only for Gags (James Gallagher) to do a hammy at training, so Tim went into the league side and ended up to the day he retired never having played a reserves game after his league debut in ‘95.

Tim was third in the B&F despite missing the first few games and then runner-up in 2009. In 2010, under the coaching of Nathan Bassett, Tim played mainly as a tagger and he played his 300th SANFL game against Port at Alberton (may well be the last to play 300 SANFL games). I had spent the Saturday morning with Tim at PAC; he was extremely nervous with every person wishing him luck – it was a constant reminder. Come game time Weathers had arranged for it to rain. He dominated and was BOG!

During Tim’s time at Norwood I had become closer with Marnie and got to know their daughters, Katie and Lucy, so I took the girls into the Norwood rooms. While it was joyous in that Norwood had won comfortably the Sturt guys who had been invited into the rooms were standing very quietly and uncomfortably in the corner. Knowing Chris Thredgold and Bruce Lennon I took over and was more than a tad pushy (now that will amaze).

Tim being chaired off the ground and the Norwood faithful chanting ‘Timmy, Timmy’ showed how quickly he settled in at the parade and in reality a huge amount of respect to the whole Weatherald family in general for the effort they made to mix, fit in and mingle with the Norwood faithful.

Tim’s final game was the cliff hanger grand final loss to Central District. Tim had a ping at goal from long range in the last few minutes only for the ball to fade away at the last second and hit the post. I am pretty sure those interesting words Katie and Lucy came out with re. the goal post the next day, I am the culprit.

Even in 2017 when doing the raffle at Norwood home games I am constantly asked how the Weatherald family are going.

Tim and Marnie and the four girls, Katie, Lucy, Elle and Brooke have settled into Darwin like a hand in a glove (Marnie, after having two girls, gave birth to twin girls and we received the following text from Tim: ‘You bastards were correct. Yep, two more girls. How much do weddings cost?!’ Gold, Tim).

Tim has had a crack re. coaching and got down to the final three at Norwood and final two at Sturt when Marty Mattner was appointed. I sincerely hope you get a gig in the future – I know of an assistant who is available. Tim is cousins with Jake, the Redbacks’ and Strikers’ opening batsman. I have often had a giggle watching Jake (yes, I am a regular at Shield games) the mannerisms with Jake and Tim are just so similar it is incredible!

Tim is basically hugely respected at both the Sturt and Norwood Football Clubs. Thank you to the Weatherald family for the huge influence you have had on my life and friendship over 40 plus years.

Love any and everyone to share the article, Weathers deserves it and please feel free to comment.



  1. Peter Young says

    First up – In my opinion Sticks Phillips inherited Fabulous Phil’s 2002 flag – that was Phil Carman’s side, and game plan with a few tweaks. The Blues were cherry ripe that day, and all the planets aligned.

    The highs of that 2002 flag were incredible, after 26 years in the absolute wilderness – the party in the Crows Shed and then back at Unley afterwards that night was awesome. One of the greatest nights I’ve ever had. I got home about 4am and had to front up for a flight back to Alice Springs at 8.30. Shabby is the word.

    And after the dark, dark days of the 90s I seriously wondered if Sturt were ever going to be a contender again, especially after Port pinched 1998. I was sitting behind Julian Burton having a shot for goal – which I thought was a clear goal and would have given us some breathing space of about 3 goals – crucial in a low scoring game, and the umpire put up one finger. Then Bryan Beinke who I really rated went berserk and kicked a couple from his a*se and that was the ball game. The sun didn’t come up for about a week after that one.

    Then the absolute low coming straight after the 02 GF – the bombings – I still recall hearing the news. Absolute shock and disbelief – and I can’t even imagine how those who were caught up in it felt. The footage of Timmy (and I think it was Damian Squire next to him?) when they got off the plane was absolutely heart wrenching.

    There’s no doubt that had a huge effect on the club – it’s amazing in hindsight that they continued to be very competitive and around the mark at finals time.

    Timmy – we Sturt fans loved the way he went about playing his footy from day 1. Probably not the greatest natural talent we ever saw a-la someone like Damian Squire or Bruce Lennon but geez he was hard at it. He always seemed to show a genuine love and enjoyment of playing the game, and never took anything for granted.

    From the outside looking in I got the impression that when Rick Macgowan took over as Sturt coach he didn’t rate Weathers that highly – he was reduced to being a pinch hitter off the bench in the days before the rotations went berserk. Sad day when he went to Norwood for such a loyal servant to the Sturt cause! I can totally understand why he went – and the form he showed at Norwood indicated he still had a lot of footy left in him. Maybe that goes back to the 02 GF – a golden moment late in the first quarter when he nailed Macgowan with a great tackle for a holding the ball decision and kicked the goal from about 45m….

  2. Cracking bloke ! Great competitor stands out . Better off playing with him but also a delight to play against as played hard and fair in both sports

  3. Brilliant piece “Book.” A person with enormous character who turned himself into a Magarey medallist through hard work and dedication.

  4. I have never met Tim but I would like to. Rulebook, you are able to get to the heart of these blokes – which is getting harder and harder in contemporary elite sport because the portrayal of them is so controlled by media and comm departments. The characters you write about are so real.

  5. Good story Rulebook, and the first time I have had my picture in the Footy Almanac.

  6. One of your best Book.

  7. Yvette Wroby says

    Thank you Rukebook. Good stories and good people.

  8. Martin Rumsby says

    A great read, Book.

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Magnificent ‘Book. I didn’t really know much about Tim’s story until now.

    And those photos, wowsa. (Slippery Dick Anderson would’ve won a Brownlow)

  10. Fabian Muller says

    Top article Malcolm. I got to know Timmy very well. In the first few years of when i was coaching Kenilworth Under 9s he would help at the presentation days with Michael Curtis. He also did a junior sportsman night for the Kookas and he told the whole crowd about the Bali incident in 02, i had tears flowing that night. Had the privilege of helping him one year with the PAC year 6 cricket team. The Weatheralds are a top family.

  11. A really good read, what an absolute legend and a great bloke!

  12. These are great Malcolm as I get an insight into these players and the key points of their sporting and personal lives. So much better than favourite food- steak, favourite movie- Shawshank Redemption, favourite song- Khe Sahn.

    How’s the Chris McDermott piece coming along?

  13. charlie brown says

    Really enjoyed this Malcolm. Like others, I didn’t know a lot of about Tim’s background until now (other than he is the son of the great man Mick). Was Tim a chance of going to North after leaving Sturt?

  14. Bill Drodge says

    Great story Malcolm, and obviously one close to your heart.

    There’s a lot of depth to Tim’s story, and yes you’d think one day soon he’ll get a gig as an SANFL Coach.

    That last kick in 2010 could’ve easily bounced through for a goal, but from memory with time running out, that would’ve consigned Norwood to a 1 point loss in a GF!

  15. Jill Tathra says

    Another great write up mate. I too can remember seeing the Sturt club coming home after the Bali bombing and yes having a cry over it too. We have so many greats in our sporting fields but rarely get to “know” the person. Sounds like a great bloke.

  16. Mick Jeffrey says

    I wouldn’t envy trying to coach a Premier League team in Darwin (his time at Tahs wasn’t really successful) trying to juggle fly ins, islanders who don’t play for Tiwi, guys who are also listed NEAFL players with the Thunder and blokes happy to have a kick at a high level. Can only admire guys like him who upped and moved to give it a fair dinkum crack.

  17. Dwayne Fuller says

    I’m glad he came to Norwood when Sturt decided he was done and dusted he proved he had plenty left in the tank and played some very good games for us, if only that kick hadn’t hit the post, possibly the best kick to come off Tim’s boot for his entire career it was deep into the final 1/4 besides that one hell of a good man and all round sportsman .

  18. Excellent article about a great player. I saw his debut in 1995. A sturt supporter didnt have a lot to celebrate in this era, but the club did unearth some gems like Weatherald an Feast as we fought our way back out of the wilderness.

  19. Jeff Milton says

    Malcolm a really outstanding article. Speaking of Payneham Cricket Club I hope last night went well. Huge regret of mine that I didn’t play a lot more cricket. I spent a number of hours as a teenager in the nets with Weathers senior at Payneham and then Tim taught both my sons as sports teacher at PAC. Used to say to him when he was playing against Norwood that I hoped he had a great game but the team fell a point short. All the kids loved him at school. Friday night Sturt- Norwood games at the Parade one of the highlights of the season.
    So much talent in that U17 state cricket team that chose footy over cricket, and all 3 of them with a red and blue connection at some stage in their careers ( Payneham Cricket Club, Norwood Footy Club and Melbourne Footy Club). And all coaches.

  20. Luke Reynolds says

    Fantastic read Rulebook. T.Weatherald sounds an outstanding person. No doubt you were very happy he ended up at The Parade.
    Very hard to comprehend what those Sturt players and officials had to go through after the Bali bombings.

  21. Brilliant Book. Rpping story and extremely well told. Tim sounds like a champion bloke and a champion character. The amount of work you put into these tales is fantastic.

    Bali bombings – lest we forget.

  22. Craig Paech says

    Great lad. Hated him at Strut, but I hate all opposition players!!?
    Had the honour to make his 300th game banner.
    Great family as well.
    Another goid job Rulebook!!

  23. Harry Butler says

    Good insight Rulebook. Norwood have been good over the years at picking up guys from other clubs, extending their careers, and having them buy into the ‘Legs’ culture and you have written about several already. I remember one press journalist describing Tim as ‘the Eddie Munster lookalike’ and I laughed my head off! Keep these coming.

  24. A great story, well written about a bloke who is everything wonderful and positive about our game, our club and its competitors. Bravo.

  25. One of your best Rulebook!

  26. Chris Kendall says

    Great, well researched piece, Rulebook. Offered great leadership and poise at Norwood after being prematurely moved on following a stellar career at Sturt. Was just what Norwood needed to top off a list that was on the edge of a dynasty.

    Worked with Tim a number of times on ABC-TV and he was as meticulous in his preparation and insightful with his assessment as he was as a player. Slotted beautifully into the team and was highly valued and respected for his work with us.

    Great read.

  27. Mark Strange says

    Tim was a outstanding footballer ,very skillful ,agile read the ball beautifully. Of course he was playing for the opposite team to me but no denying what a brilliant player he was.Then we were lucky enough he came to play for the Legs and what a gutsy player he was. Very courageous to keep going after the tragic events. Of course He coached the Waratahs in the NT as well. Thank you for all the magical memories

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Youngy I agree to some extent re Phil Carman more so that he doesn’t get enough credit from playing such a large part in rescuing,Sturt what Ricky McGowan did was bizarre and I hugely respect your huge passion for Sturt.Joel very well put.Lachlan spot on.JTH from a super star like yourself that is greatly appreciated and yes totally agree re being controlled it is ridiculous.6 per cent about time we got your photo in the almanac and thank you.thanks,TC,Yvette and Martin.Swish slippery dick could have been a superstar imagine him in today’s footy the run carry and elite long leg.Fabian I have learnt in the last few days how much,Tim helped the other Sturt players after,Bali a sensational family it’s been great to catch up with,Mick and Julie as well for me.thanks,Campbell.Mickey I will ring,Bone again and thank you it was a reminder writing this how much I have had to do with,Tim.Charlie it was mainly,South I think but I will get,Tim to answer.Bill yes it would have had to have been a clearance and score immediately from the centre bounce and I hope,Tim gets a chance re coaching if he wishes yes meant a lot to me writing this one thanks folks greatly appreciated

  29. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Jill thank you and all the best re your continuing battle love your positive attitude glad people have got to find out more re Tim.Mick yes hearing from,Tim re the struggles of players unavailability and other reasons I couldn’t agree with you more.Dwayne Tim was a sensational recruit a runner up,a 3rd and some fantastic tagging roles in his final year importantly a quality bloke and family as well.Simon yes back thru that era for Sturt supporters it really could only be positive about some good youth discovered geez you have come thru it superbly and enjoy it now.Milts wish you had kept playing as well I rated your offies and yes the night overall went well yes well spotted re the red and blue connection of the 3 when,Simon was appointed the dees coach,Geoff Wilson and I told him we always knew he wanted to sing the Norwood club song.Luke rapt that,Tim ended up at the parade and just impossible for the rest of us to understand what every one who was involved re Bali went thru.Dips yes I admit I spend a fair few hours researching doing one of these articles doesn’t always be greeted on the home front with so much popularity and yes lest we forget.Fester no one could ever forget you are 1 million per cent red and blue blooded it was a great banner and appreciated by the Weatherald family thank you.Harry the Eddie Munster mentions have always provided a good laugh and to Tim’s credit he seems to take it in his stride.
    Thanks AK well said thanks,Lawrie.Chris spot re leadership and poise and I was with,Tim on occasions before he broadcasted and we would be talking about players re info always meticulous.Mark thank you and for all of us yep appreciated him at Sturt but far more at Norwood and the Weatherald family settled in to Darwin well and truly the twins,Elle and Brooke turned seven yesterday we miss them in Adelaide
    while I talked with Tim and got to understand a lot of the difficulties coaching in Darwin hard for me to comment any more than that thanks also re people who have shared the article that helps with hits re any article on the site needs to happen more

  30. Roberto Allevi says

    TIM wore his heart on his sleeve and played great footy for bothNorwood & Sturt and always led from the front had a fantastic career thanks Tim for your efforts at NFC

  31. Roberto Allevi says

    Tim thank you for your efforts at Norwood a great player for both sanfl clubs a leader of men congrats ona great career

  32. Hello Book, thank you for insight into the sporting passion and footprint of the Weatherald’s. I look forward to the article on AUFC mascots, starting with the two Tims. Also noticed a dual all-Australian in the sapsasa footy photo. Cheers, Jamesy

  33. well done Rulebook great to see where AUFC Mascots end up! (good point Jamesy)

    Just a footnote – Tim’s dad Mick Weatherald took Wednesday afternoons off to help the lower grade players at AUFC work on their skills. Given how busy Weathers was at Angliss Meats I thought this was a true sign of his character and dedication to the Club.

  34. Great article Rulebook. Tim was a great player at both clubs, particularly at Sturt where they had a formidable side in the early 2000’s. His tenacity, skill and competitiveness on-and-off the field made him one of the most outstanding players in the SANFL over the past 20-30 years. A well-researched article and a touching tribute to a great man.

  35. Michael Weatherald says

    Well done Malcolm .As parents we are very proud of Tim’s achievements but more so in the way he has conducted himself particularly his never give in attitude.
    The many comments made on article are humbling and it has been great to see comments of many past team mates and people who have known the family..
    Over the years we have come across a wide group of people many of which have contributed to families life and we grat respect for all of you and for many of you your parents we have met as well.we thank you all for your respect.Malcolm the effort you put in to both Tim’s and other people you have written continues to give great pleasure to many and may you continue to keep them coming
    Regards Mick and
    Julie Weatherald

  36. Lovely Lisa says

    Great story

  37. Michael Aish says

    Great article Malcolm. Tim’s achievements are outstanding.My son Jesse speaks very highly of him. Did not see many of his games but those i did he was fantastic. We face many challenges in life but doubt many of us will have to experience what Tim and others had to go through in Bali. We are judged mostly for our performances on the field but i count those off it as just as significant. Well done Tim great career on and off the deck.

  38. Cheers Rulebook! Thanks for a great in-depth analysis of a great survivor and contributer to the game of Aussie Rules through his playing and coaching.

  39. Great article Malcolm what a great career. Some familiar names in that state junior cricket side too.

    Great read

  40. Emma Jade Haynes says

    Tim & Marnie are seriously the most down to earth loving people you could ever meet. I enjoy jamming as much timmy, marnie & my 4 beautiful adopted neices in as I can when I am in Darwin for the show. Can’t wait to see you all again timmy

  41. Luke Valente says

    Great article Malcolm. I’m not sure who played in the winning east adelaide footy side but it sounded like a really great team!

  42. Cameron Glenn says

    Another great article. Hope to see many more in the future.

  43. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Rob v much so,Jamesey Plug and Weathers certainly two famous mascots and yes,Micky O.Plug ahh those Wednesday trainings,Burf spewing was always the highlight.Thanks Paul.Weathers thank you as I said I greatly appreciate the Weatherald’s as a family genuine quality and glad you enjoyed the article.thanks,LL.Aishy succinct and spot on as always.Thanks Ben and Raj yes v well known names.
    Emma definitely and the Weatherald’s love your company.Thanks Luke and yes we had the best junior leader,Weathers and I have ever had good luck this coming year captaining,Rocs.thanks,Cameron thanks folks

  44. A great story, Rulebook. Living interstate at the time, I was not aware of Tim’s involvement with the Bali bombing. That 2010 grand final still haunts me – the point itself was not the worst outcome as it gave us the opportunity to create a seven point play to tie scores. It was the two contested marks they took from the kick in that sealed our fate (bloody Gunston).

  45. Yet another great article Malcolm. I was lucky to have met Tim whilst early in his senior career at Sturt, through family connections. Took all of two seconds to confirm he was a top bloke, and whilst being a Norwood fan I didn’t have a heap of time for our Eastern rivals, I always admired the way Tim went about his footy, constantly putting his head over the ball. Quick, well-skilled, courageous and with a huge workrate – What more could you ask for in a footballer?

    When he arrived at the Parade, I have to confess I had my concerns about weather Tim was still up to it (sorry Soccers), but those fears were quickly allayed. My favourite memory of Tim’s time at the Parade go back to 2010, when as a club we were trying to climb out of the doldrums. The team had been on a great run, but many of us supporters headed to Woodville Oval late in the minor round, to face our bogey side on their home deck. A rousing performance was ultra well received by the Redleg throng on the mound next to the members stand, and when Timmy came off for a spell late in the last with the game well in our keeping, he let the passion out with several fist pumps, in what was a real “Goosebump” moment for all Red and Blue in attendance.

    The way he conducted himself both on and off the field – particularly through the tragic and traumatic times faced by the Sturt footy club in the 2000’s – Was an absolute credit to Tim (as it was for the Sturt FC across the board).

    Tim Weatherald was everything good and right about football. Thanks for the memories mate, and say G’day to the family for me.


  46. Robert Bria says

    Nice one Rulebook.

    I was thrilled when Timmy pulled on the Norwood Guernsey and hoped like hell he would retire from SANFL footy with a flag in 2010.

    I believe that the true measure of a sportsman is not in the “sport” but rather in the “man.”

    Behind the stats are always the stories and Timmy’s is one of determination, hard work and courage.

    The Bali bombing would have shaken anyone but his courage and resolve in the face of hardship and heartache was truly inspirational.

  47. “Soccers!” His prodigious spin and ability to get 50 touches, certainly left scars on many a schoolkid opponent. Great to see him sharing his knowledge through coaching. Well written Malcolm, great choice of bloke to write on.

  48. A great story very well told by you, Rulebook.
    Truly heart-felt.
    (Happy birthday, by the way).

  49. Marnie Weatherald says

    Malcolm Ashwood happy birthday you legend. The article is amazing. I love the effort you put into this and your sharing special moments. I’m glad to hear that the east adelaide kids were picked on talent not their good looking mums.Thanks for being an important part of our journey so far and im hoping well into the future. Tim and I are blessed to have both our sturt and norwood families that we love so dear. Life long friendships with some ripper humans! Fate has a funny way of sorting stuff out.

  50. Brett Zorzi says

    Great article Rulebook.
    Had the pleasure of chairing Tim off the ground in his 300th. Heavy for a little bloke! Very popular within the group who gave 100% every game. A great recruit by the club back then as we needed his toughness and experience.
    He goes pretty well at golf too!

  51. Tim has been down at our footy trainings teaching our backlines his “Christmas Tree Press” which works remarkably well.

  52. Andrew Killey says

    A great story, well written about a bloke who is everything wonderful and positive about our game, our club and its competitors. Bravo

  53. Nathan Watson says

    Great work yet again Malcolm. It was sad reading that my former teacher/cricket coach Richard Newman had passed away. He was a well respected (by all) top bloke and so very helpful. We never did solve the problem of my middle stump getting knocked out every game. His advice “it might help if you open your eyes” did help me face a few extra balls though. Little Timmy Weatherald, what a player he was. It always amazed me how a little bloke like him could play (be bloody good) SANFL football. He was one of those players that got everything and some out of his natural ability, maximizeed his strength and minimized his weaknesses. Workrat, commitment, courage and determination are words that come to mind when I think of Timmy Weatherald. He always seemed to have time, never fumbled and composure in traffic, very rarely turned the ball over. I wouldn’t say he was the most talented player or had much speed but he had something more important and that was football smarts. You can get by and be good without great skills and speed with football smarts and that’s what Tim Weatherald did. I didn’t know about (my other love) his cricket ability. Bali, like it was said “you’d have to be part of it too know how bad it was” I remember it and as bad as I can think it would be, it wouldn’t do it justice. Just a shockingly bad and sad event mate!

  54. What a great story.

  55. Get the knives outa ricky mcgowans back. Did a BLOODY good job at Sturt in the two years he was there. When he told Weatherald he wasnt in our best 22 he was ABS right ON EXPOSED FORM AT THE TIME. The fact that he got a second wind would have een DAMNhard to predict beleive me

  56. Very interesting story, Rulebook. Well done.

    Tim was my favourite AUFC mascot in the early 80s and my favourite Sturt player at the turn of the century. Loved his never-say-die attitude. That attititude must’ve enabled him to come back as he did so late in his career.

    His father, Mick, was also my favourite coach in the early 80s. While I’m at it, Robbie Weatherald was one of my favourite players in the late 70s.

  57. Tim Weatherald says

    Malcolm ‘’rulebook’Ashwood. Thank you very much for making the effort and taking the time to write this.. you have been a great supporter of my family ever since the Adelaide uni and Payneham days. It has been amazing to read all the wonderful comments from such a wide range of people. Footy is the greatest sport in the world and I have been so lucky to meet so many people over my journey so far. Thanks again.

  58. Thanks for filling me in on Tim’s pre Norwood era. Most informative. Sturt’s loss was Norwood’s gain for the short time we had him. Great to read the comments from other readers. Incidentally, I first read this report in early March but for some reason neglected to leave a comment. Keep your the good work coming RB.

  59. Dave Marshall says

    absolute great man is Tim, and it was so fitting he was the person to bring Dads travel bag home to hand to Mum. You are a legend Tim Weatherald.

  60. worth a second read much later

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