Tim Ginever: South Australian Football Royalty

Photo: Deb Curtis (with permission, thanks Deb)


Funny bastard, fringe performer, all round good guy are terms which can be used to describe Tim Ginever. Captain, 7 time premiership player at senior SANFL level, coach and ferocious competitor who definitely had a huge dose of white line fever.


But back to the beginning. Tim is the son of Bob and Regina and is the 7th child of a casual ten (no wonder you were a ferocious competitor trying to get the footy just like food at the dinner table!). Tim adds that he has got 7th child syndrome, whatever in the hell that is!


(thanks to Graham Cornes for giving permission to include the link)


Tim as a junior was tied to Woodville and actually played in a mini league premiership side for Woodville (premiership players for Woodville don’t grow on trees) but was always a Port supporter. When approached to play for Port he was very keen (bloody smart recruiting by Port, swapped for another junior).


Woodville 1978 Mini League Premiership Team (who can you identify?)


Tim attended Mansfield Park Primary School and then Woodville High school and was a gun junior, making the State Primary School side.


1978 U/12 SAPSASA team (10 players played SANFL and VFL/AFL – name them!)


It can now be revealed though that the pivotal moment in Tim’s career occurred when rung by Graham Robinson to play for Norwood in an Under 15 competition. Tim originally knocked it back but then when told it was a night competition to be played at Thebarton Oval. That lure hooked him in as night footy back then was such a novelty (strangely Port or Woodville didn’t enter a side) so Tim was a ring-in for the Redlegs.


Tim is a Norwood Premiership player! Greg Rowe from Storm Boy fame was a teammate, current Norwood CEO James Fantasia likewise, as was Duane Stewart who quite rightly reminds Timmy G of this fact every time he sees him personally. Obviously Tim learnt every single thing he knows about footy from his privilege of wearing the red and blue!


Tim and his father actually had a meeting with Wally Miller about him coming to Norwood but couldn’t get the Western Suburbs out of the boy. It wasn’t that long afterwards that Port turned up on Tim’s doorstep to recruit him. Disappointingly, Woodville traded for a youngster who couldn’t get a game in Ports Under 19s. Tim was as excited as Charlie in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Port had a side the following year which Tim and Greg Anderson represented.


Tim then went on to make the South Australian Teal Cup team in 1982 as a bottom ager (youngster chosen supposedly mainly for the experience and to be a backbone of the side the following year). Tim blew that out of the water when given the chance and ended up making the All-Australian side. The following year Alan Stewart saw the leadership in Tim and he was made Captain in front of guys who were playing league footy in Greg Anderson and Andrew Jarman, and Tim justified the selection by obtaining back to back All-Australian selection (Tim is one of the few dual All-Australian’s to not be drafted, the victim of the must draft the athlete not the footballer age).



1982 South Australian Teal Cup Team



1982 All-Australian Teal Cup Team



1983 South Australian Teal Cup team



I first met Tim when umpiring high school footy on a cold and wet afternoon at St Clair. Tim was captain of Woodville High and Greg Anderson was playing, he was also playing league footy for Port (another could and should have been Woodville player).


Greg was lairising and in all honesty was being a pain in the bum, a player named Vince Mayo was in the opposition, how he didn’t go on to be a gun league player is mystifying, he gave Greg one behind the play, in reality hardly anything in it and I called out “give him another one he’s playing against Norwood this week”, Tim responded “good stuff Malcolm, exactly what he needs” overall it struck me from umpiring Tim a few times what a natural leader he was, with Luke Valente ,the best junior leaders I have seen or been involved with.


Tim made his league debut in 1983 in an Escort Cup night game against West Torrens. Amusingly, a school game on the same night so Tim was just going to sit on the bench all game, at three quarter time Woodville High are down, competitive juices of Coach and Captain come to the fore, Tim comes on, turns the game and Woodville High win. Off to Thebarton Oval thinking he would sit on the bench all night but came on early in the game and did well.


In 1984 Tim established himself in the league side towards the end of the year and played in the epic grand final against Norwood. Tim describes it as the worst day of his life and blamed himself for the loss.  If Port lost or he felt he had a bad game they were really concerned for his well being and mental health.


In 1985 and 1986 he was further establishing himself as a league footballer until he hit a bump in 1986 being not considered for league selection for 5 weeks following a dispute with coach Russell Ebert (Tim would like to make the point it was totally his fault, he carried on like a pork chop). In the summer of 1986, Tim feels his career had a major turning point for the better when his dad Bob, who was normally the pessimist, while mum Regina was the supreme optimist, made a suggestion about doing the course ‘Mind Powers’ run by John Keough, this cost $400. Back then, that was big money. Tim said it made him learn to be more rational, not blame every one else and to have a 24 hour rule where he had to move forward, not stew everything over which he was feeling guilty of.


In 1987 Tim had a reasonable year under Russell Ebert but then the return of master coach Jack Cahill in 1988 had a massive influence on Tim and the club overall. Tim names Jack Cahill, after his family, the biggest influence on his career, that he was the master of the mind game in that he would have every player believe they were better than his opponent even when logic and common sense says otherwise (Tim says he’d pick John Platten before Tim Ginever as well but somehow he could sell the belief to the player that they were better and it explains how a player eg. Adrian Settre could come up from the reserves and be a integral part of the league side in a final.


In 1988 the club was rocked by the death of Anthony Williams.


(far better the thoughts of Tim and George than an outsider)



I will say though at that stage George Fiacchi was a fringe player, he came back in to the side and played back pocket. Batman and Robin was eventually born. Best wishes to Roger Delaney in his health battles (blokes go to the bloody doctor and get your prostate checked).


Adelaide University Football Club readers will well remember the late great trainer Sandy Green, Ginger Wine Cockburn didn’t until it was too late.


Port dominated, winning 3 flags through 1988-90 with Tim being a major part, very good in big games and finals, of course 1990 saw the huge controversy of Port trying to enter the AFL and the Crows being born. Port, after the disappointment of being overlooked to their immense credit moved on and just decided bum down work extra hard and win flags, which made it impossible to overlook them when a second AFL licence became due and didn’t they deliver.


In 1992 Port defeated Glenelg in the grand final and were at the official SANFL unveiling of the West End Brewery chimney and Greg Phillips comes up with the idea of climbing the chimney. Greg, Tim, Paul Northeast and Mark Williams go up the ladder, there is commotion as they get higher, on coming down it’s safe to say it’s a hive of activity with security guards everywhere. They are questioned by the team manager and it’s mutually decided it’s time to depart with film being ripped out of cameras due to OHS laws, whispers happened but it was kept pretty quiet overall. Three years later Greg rings Tim, let’s catch up for lunch and I’ve got something for you, lo and behold it’s a framed photo of them up on the top of the chimney! Greg Phillips was the only person not searched for footage!


THE chimney photo!


Further premierships came in 1994, 1995 and 1996. Tim had been made Captain in 1994. In the grand final Woodville-West Torrens were off to a flier kicking the opening six goals.



(Tim reckons he just thought can we please just beat North’s 1 goal in the GF in 1989) there is a bit of verbal on the ground, anyway Tim warns Glenn Freeborn “say that again and I’ll belt you”, Glenn replies “good luck”, there’s a boundary throw in Tim throws an elbow back, Glenn retaliates, then Tim hears a whistle, his first thought was shit I have been reported.


Tim sees the umpire pointing his way, you bloody beauty, kicks the goal, Scott Hodges takes a sensational one hander, received a fifty metre penalty, goals and the Magpies were back in it, Port then just scrapped and fought for every possession until they eventually ran all over WWT in the last quarter. In 1995 and 1996 Port were just too good for Central Districts in the crunch.


Tim thinks just mentally really switched on, and belief in themselves to get the job done. Arrogance can get mixed up for supreme belief, Port were just brilliant at getting the job done. The word team can’t get more emphasised, mightn’t have been the most talented individuals but they were as a team. A lot of the years Port didn’t dominate the minor round but did the job when it counted.


In 1997 Tim again had a fantastic year, winning the best and fairest and being one of Port’s better players in the Grand Final loss. Amazingly he had carried a bone spur of the heel which caused inflammation of the Achilles (showing how strong he was mentally) and decided to retire. He admits he found it hard watching in 1998 when Port again went top and did think what if. He adds, 1999 he was far better at accepting that he wasn’t out there and enjoyed Port’s success (Port deserve enormous credit and Stephen Williams massive praise for winning flags after being banished to Ethelton, Stephen and Port have never really received the appropriate accolades and it was two completely separate football clubs).


Tim was an assistant coach at AFL level for 1 season but admits moving cones and the stress of the coaching box weren’t his cup of tea. Tim answered a call to arms and coached Port Magpies from 2006-2009, losing the elimination final to South Adelaide in 2006 and likewise to Norwood in 2008, being effectively the victim of Neil Craig’s incredible decision to keep not picking Taylor Walker and Tex dominated kicking 7 goals. Tim just did the right thing by the club as they were broke he wasn’t consumed by coaching which you have to be to end up successful.


Tim thoughts-
Tim makes the point Alan Stewart was brilliant in the Teal Cup as a coach and mentor and had a huge influence on Tim as a footballer and a person overall.


Tim thinks Greg Phillips is the best player he played with, his ability to be the defensive general controlling the game both offensively and defensively second to none and admits he was really on the tail end of Russell’s career as a player.


George Fiacchi got the absolute most out of himself as a player.


Rohan Smith, huge character turned up for a grand final with a suit case, Tim asks, “what in the hell you doing?” Rohan replies, “well we will win and I won’t be home for a fortnight.” Tim thinks I’ll get one back on him here, “hey Rohan we’ve got the end of season trip in a fortnight!” Quick as a flash Rohan replies “ahh well better make the clothes last a month.”
(Rohan is a legend at Port Districts).


Tim thinks the ruthlessness sets Port apart from the rest, they  sacked Bob Quinn, Russell Ebert, Mark Williams and John Cahill over the years, no other club put striving for overall success and flags in front of club individuals who are legends of the club more.


Tim just resigned from coaching due to popular demand.


Tim thought when Port achieved its goal of gaining an AFL licence that Port Magpies would no longer exist, that he would have a kick and a catch with his mates somewhere but as always put the club first when they continued in the SANFL.


Tim believes the club needed a fresh look to win the second licence and were wise in appointing Bucky in 1992. Bruce Webber was not re-elected in 92 and the new look was complete. Bruce changed Football in SA forever and Tim rates his strength during that time extremely high.


Tim is married to Angela and they met at that famous institution of a nightclub Mr Bojangles at the Newmarket, amusingly Angela was there to meet another guy who didn’t turn up and Timmy G was the winner. They have now been married for 30 years and had 3 children, Madeline, Darcy and Tia (unfortunately now it’s not in reality Port Magpies anymore so Darcy isn’t with Port anymore and is at North Adelaide in 2019).


Tim has worked mainly in sales, had a stint with Little Heroes with Chris McDermott, worked in promotions for Port Adelaide FC. Also, after a workmate in Kosta Mylonas lined up a guest speaking spot at Crystal Brook FC when Tim was informed where it was he made Kosta go along. He thought Tim was hilarious and informed Tim he should do a fringe show at Glutony, the South Australian March hub of the state. Tim may have had a couple, said you organise it, I’ll do it. A couple of weeks later he’s told yep it’s booked he says “great when’s the show on?” Tim is told it’s more than 1, what, 2 or 3?? No 15, bloody hell! Tim got more confident with each show just telling stories of footy and life, adding Barry Curtin helped by giving advice not to worry about chronological order just go with the flow and what’s working. He nailed it. Tim is currently working at a company called Impressive Advertising.


Tim has worked in the media, commentating AFL games on the radio, initially with MMM and now 5AA. When Port kept losing in the finals a certain person kept ringing up as the Anna Kournikova football club saying we’ve lost again in straight sets (Tim may have added a ‘piss off Malcolm’ in 2003). Tim has commentated SANFL on the ABC seemingly as long as Adam and Eve have been sharing apples and is a very good commentator. He admits his Port bias and frustration may have come out a tad in 2014 when the great man, Kieran McGuinness was dominating for the Redlegs against John the future Butcher for Port.


Overall Tim is a legend of the Port Adelaide FC and of the SANFL, he was quite rightly elevated in to the South Australian National Football League Hall Of Fame in 2015.



Tim has rattled the tin helping to keep Port Adelaide Magpies alive, we even had civil conversations whether it’s one club or two re Port Adelaide overall. Tim is a huge figure in SA footy, continues to give and be a huge part of footy in SA thanks Timmy G, you’re a Star!


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  1. Robert Bryson says

    A very interesting read Malcolm. Tim is a character and a very talented player. (The only thing wrong was he did not continue at Norwood after his junior stint.) I did have a conversation with him after a lunch with Garry Tredray and Brian Fairclough ( Both Port stalwarts) and he was his usual good humoured self. His media and commentary of football is always entertaining.

  2. Barry Lewis says

    Another great article Malc…first umpired Tim when he was captain of Semaphore Park U12 in 1977 & had them in the drawn PAJFL GF against Ingle Farm at Alberton…the replay was played at S4 Pk the following Sunday & Tim’s team won the premiership…he always starred as a junior & his outstanding senior record speaks volumes

  3. Interesting piece Malcolm, as per usual. These days Tim G is one of the better TV comments men on SANFL Footy.

  4. Barry Solomon says

    Great read MA, TG is one of the nicest blokes in footy, his record stands for itself but a genuine top lad. Always smiling and cheeky af. Cheers

  5. Eric Weltner says

    Yes what a great bloke Timmy G. is. Every single time I have run into him, whether at a shopping centre, on the street, or 3/4 cut in the Semaphore Hotel and about to stagger into the wrong toilets … Tim ALWAYS had a friendly “g’day Eric” when he saw me. For a casual acquaintance, Tim never failed to acknowledge me by name every time he saw me. That night at the Semaphore, when his favourite pub band “Yesterday’s Heroes” was playing and a few drinks later, the band invited him up to the microphone … and he banged out a very respectable rendition of “Jessie’s Girl”.

    A few years down the track I was privileged to interview him and other SANFL coaches … although unlike Tim’s very successful playing days, it was tough going at times speaking to him during his four year stint as coach (plus one year in 2005 under the legendary John Cahill). As with his playing days, Tim gave the coaching caper everything, and as anyone who would knows Tim knows, he’s not a great fan of losing!

    But what Tim didn’t achieve in the coach’s box, he well and truly made up for with seven SANFL premierships as a player, including leading the club to premiership glory as captain.

    Well done Malcolm Ashwood for stepping over the other side and writing this article.

  6. david butler says

    Well done again Rulebook. No-one loves Norwood more than me but good to have some insights into other clubs great SA footballing personalities; hope there’s more to come. I always enjoy Tim’s commentaries. Never unfairly critical and his genuine love of the game always shines through.
    Cheers Harry

  7. Anthony Bockmann says

    Brilliant article Malcolm The high school game where Vinnie Mayo belted Ando was against Findon High …. I was about 5 meters away and remembere it clearly. Although I thought the game was at Findon not St Clare. Woodville would have had nightmares about Tim and Anderson.

  8. Darren Graetz says

    Nice article Book

  9. Complete and Utter Burke says

    Book, nice to finally see some of your hard work go Port’s way. Hopefully the first of many articles to come!

  10. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I enjoyed this ‘Book, once more you’ve teased out some facts and tales that would have been new to many Croweaters, even though Tim G has been a well known SA Footy personality for a very long time. I found a few examples of his Peckers mini-league exploits in my borrowed stash of 70s Budgets (thanks Gigs).

    I wonder how close he came to making the initial Power list, a la David Marshall, given that he was one of the models used to promote their jumper etc when their license was announced. (Yes, I know he was nearing the end of his playing career).

  11. Trevor Robertson says

    Malcolm I was the coach of Woodville High that day. It was wet and blowing a gale. I remember Tim kicked one into the wind and ‘marked’ his own ball.
    He was a great young man, cheeky but respectful always. In his Year 12, I took his class in an early morning lesson starting at 8am. Some had been a little tardy in getting there on time so I emphasised how important it was to be there regardless of what you had to do. So Tim organised the class to turn up next day in their Pajamas! That was Tim. Loved the bloke.

  12. Had the pleasure of doing some work with Tim when I was involved with Craniofacial Australia. I had just arrived from Interstate and had no idea who he was but he was welcoming, down to earth, humble, helpful and made time for me when I am sure he didn’t have to. Thanks for another great article Mal

  13. Grant Day says

    Great article Malcolm. Fantastic career Tim. Geez Stewy must’ve influenced many young players over the years. Top stuff

  14. Someone close to the Ginever clan tells me that the biggest issue for the 10 kids and dad (the professor) and mum (grem) was not so much getting food at the dinner table but just getting heard above the noise with everyone trying to talk at once. Christmases and birthdays are particular challenges apparently!

  15. Steve wood says

    Great article Mal. Really respectful of an opposition player, that played the game fair and hard.
    Really enjoy his commentary on radio these days, and is really balanced in his assessments.

    Well done on this

  16. Tim Ginever says

    Who’s Malcolm never heard of him ?
    Never knock a man for passion and Malcolm loves SANFL footy and he brings great memories back to us while informing us of things we never knew. All players covered would say the same, we can’t achieve anything without our team mates, the guidance of great club people and coaches, but most of all a loving supportive family and I had all that in droves.
    A special thank you to Mum & Dad who performed miracles to give us all an amazing childhood full of love & laughter. They’re both still with us today. Cheers Tim G

  17. Darryl Hogan says

    One of the greatest CV’s in football and certainly one guy who never got ahead of himself and have everything and still does ! And I barrack for North Adelaide !

  18. Luke Reynolds says

    Another fantastic piece Rulebook, great to see you branch out to other SANFL clubs.
    I imagine this would have been a far different story in many ways had Port Adelaide made it into the AFL in 1991.
    7 flags at that level is an incredible career!

  19. Malcolm, this is a great article. Really enjoyed reading it.

    TG a great character and footballer who squeezed everything out of his footy career.

    Shame on SANFL blocking Ports entry to AFL in 1991; could have seen some great players in that era playing against the best.

  20. Another great read, Rulebook! Ginever has been a stalwart for Port Adelaide and was an impressive player for Port during the halcyon days of the 1980’s and 1990’s. I fondly recall being at the 2006 Elimination Final when South came back from 32 points down in the 2nd quarter to get up over the Magpies – sorry Tim! His SANFL commentary on Channel 7 is outstanding and it’s clear that he has a genuine passion for the game. Timmy richly deserves every accolade and I hope we get to watch his commentary on Channel 7 for many years to come.

  21. Lachlan Waterman says

    Excellent piece “Rulebook.” Almost impossible to dislike someone like Tim Ginever. The personification of a Port Adelaide player in the late 80s and 90s; a far cry from some of the prima donnas they have on the power list now.

  22. Agree 1005 with you Paul. Tim Ginever is an outstanding talent on local TV. As a commentator he also speaks with loads of common sense. In particular, i love his sense of humour. I believe he’s also quite a musician.
    Similarly, years ago, whilst fishing in West Lakes, i had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Russell Ebert. He actually approached me, intrigued by by fish catching skills. Russ was, and still is a real good bloke and i have since always enjoyed his thoughtful comments when listening to him, in years gone by, on the radio. Fancy a Norwood man loving listening to Magpies – incredible.but true..

  23. Another great article and interesting read

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Robert yes would have loved,Tim to be a redleg and he has a fantastic sense of humour.Bazz how lucky for
    Tim to have you and me umpire him hey.Fisho agree totally and thank you.Bazz thank you and bloody oath.
    Eric yes from what you posted on face book agree and amazing record as a player don’t think he that much to work with as a coach re overall list.Harry yes his infectious enthusiasm ffor the game always come thru in his commentary.Anthony incredible re how many people have read and commented and who were at that game terrible decisions like that have such long lasting effects.Darren thank you.Complete and uttter I would have been dark if you hadn’t commented.Swish thank you and I reckon he would have been close just a fraction to late but he always still found the ball his foot injury probably didn’t help his chances.Trevor amazing that it took till this article to find out you were coaching that day I will blame the weather
    ( Trevor kept for SA ) thanks folks

  25. Vintage Book. Good to see Sandy gets mention.

  26. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Grant Alan Stewart fantastic mentor and coach.Charlie I reckon it would have been v entertaining to say the least.Steve thank you and agree totally.Vintage Timmy G thank you and my buy re next lunch.Darrl well said always love the individual who gets the absolute maximum out of themselves.Luke yes would be a v different story.Marc D I think any one being honest knows it was the correct decision,Port were smart enough to actually admit there errors and build a compelling case for the 2nd licence even then have in reality been had there moments well and truly,Tim is a fantastic character.Paul I thought you would mention the panthers win and yes agree completely hope,Tim commentates for a long time to come.Lahlan a lot of players from every club could learn plenty re attitude off,Timmy G.Fisho we all can learn plenty re about fishing from you I am convinced you could catch a fish in bloody rundle mall well said re,Russell and Tim.Campbell thank you.
    Tc Sandy unfortunately was the classical male went to the doctors way to late thanks folks

  27. Cameron Glenn says

    Another great article. Tim was a great player for Port Adelaide and not many can say they won 7 SANFL premierships.

  28. Pete Bennetts says

    Grear stuff malcolm learnt a bit didnt know the stuff about timmy and the great russell ebert and rohan smith rocking up to grand final day with a suitcase is hilarious.How many times have you heard players say similar things about john cahill he was the mastermind of getting into players heads and installing beleif

  29. Frank Butt says

    Good one Mal. Tim was working at one time for Visyboard and was a regular visitor to their Berri factory for work. I was involved with junior footy at Berri and he would come out and take training. Good bloke now explained by being a Redleg junior

  30. Damian Obst says

    Good one mal takin me ages to read this one. He definitely is a legend of the game and was so privileged to play in such a successful era for port. He is always a happy guy and was amazing to play against such brilliant opposition. He was a great leader and is still loved and respected, that is a credit to him and how ihe is as a person. Thanks Timmy for ur story and good luck with everything. U had a amazing career. Damian Obst

  31. Brenton Kemp says

    Great article Malcolm, took me back a few years. Tim G was a great player in a great side in a great Port era. I hated Port Magpies with a passion (and still would if they still existed), but he was the type of bloke you couldn’t really hate. Would have loved to see him playing for Norwood.

  32. Jock Arbon says

    Malcolm could write 1000 word essay on Timmy. His brilliant contribution to Port & the way he credits others, Coaches, team mates etc shows he was a great Club man as well. His record speaks for itself. I was at Crystal Brook Footy Club when he spoke & it was the most entertaining humorous night I can recall. He is gifted in this area as well. Always smiling & always making people smile- What a man is OUR Tim Giniver

  33. Mark Alexander says

    If Roger James was not the best during the 04 finals series I’d like to know who was better ! Precision passing and clean hands were his forte ! His desperation during the Preliminary Final was rather the difference between a Grand Final and also rans! Modest and un-assuming Roger was the the stand out player in a great team of 04

  34. Garry Davis says

    Excellent, entertaining and insightful read as always Malcolm. Tim was a true all-round footballer, one of those players that showcased how good SANFL footy was, and in my occasional meeting up with him through our mutual mate Jon Simpson, an excellent bloke. Well done on a great career Tim.

  35. Jo Thomas says

    Thank you so much Malcolm, for bringing my attention to this fantastic article. It brought back so many wonderful memories, of going to the SANFL to watch my Maggie’s!! More so the famous duo of Roger and George….never far from each other. Bookends!!! It brings tears to my eyes, to picture Timmy G ever wearing a Norwood Jumper!!!! ? Timmy IS Port Adelaide. In more ways than one! These sort of people need to be recognised more and more, for the work they do for their beloved Clubs…..their 2nd Family!

  36. Cheryl Lee says

    Malcolm Ashwood Impressive piece of articulated factual memories. I congratulate YOU.
    Ohhhh! how I caught myself smiling as I read your article in enchantment and deliberation that takes us readers from the very first sentence to the last, akin to a bestselling novel – I just didn’t want the story to end. It takes the reader back into the world of youth, fun and the good old days of pure self driven motivation, authentic determination, the ‘old school’ traditions and blokes being blokes! But above all the mindset that accompanies Winning strategies within one individual mind to an entire footy club. Love the historic value, loved his personality reflected outward. Thank you for tagging me. I smile still, as the story, adsorbs out of the hoards of cobwebs in ones memory of those youthful days at Woodville, Norwood and mention of North Adelaide footy club. Tim Ginever a humble larrikin filled with a humorous personality, a footy hero and all rounder top bloke! How proud of himself, he must be with such a great and flowing story you write. Kudos is beyond any other comparison ever read. Thank you for the journey too! Cheers, Cheryl-lee

  37. Jo Elizabeth says

    Malcolm Ashwood thank you soooo much for bringing back so many wonderful memories of my Maggie Boys. The 1st Norwood person, I can say I like now!!!!

  38. Martin Rumsby says

    An interesting read about one of the great characters of SANFL footy. Tim’s exploits in the mega-successful Magpies era are well known, but his development as a schoolboy footballer makes interesting reading and is something into which you had personal insight. Tim seems to enjoy life and spreads that enjoyment to others. Well done, Malcolm!

  39. I recall feeling for him when the Power entered the AFL as Ginever was around thirty and deemed to old to make their list. A shame as he’d been such an iconic player for them although if course there’s no room for sentiment. Another great read Malcolm.

  40. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Cameron yes 7 flags remarkable achievement.Peter thank you and yes being told,Rohan and the suitcase I could not stop laughing the way,Tim delivered the story was hilarious to the magpies credit they were v good keeping things in house and Tim’s honesty is a credit to himself admitting he was in the wrong.Frank yep obviously learnt everything at the parade.Obba thank you comments from opposition players is greatly appreciated and probably helps re authenticity.Brenton v well said agree completely.Jock yes v funny man with a great attitude to life.Garry thank you and promising start for the repacks by your colt.Jo a part of why I write is my passion re the Sanfl competition the lack of publicity the competition receieves now is a disgrace the pure and total focus on the afl is v v disappointing.Cheryl thank you for your v kind and eloquent words and for the interaction back and forth.Jo well played touché.Martin thank you.Mickey he was unlucky re timing indeed thanks folks greatly appreciated

  41. Enjoyable read Rulebook

  42. Matt Zurbo says

    A great read again, Rulebook! You are a gift to SA footy and footy in general.

  43. Daryl Schramm says

    G’day Ernest. This is (once again) a fantastic contribution for what footy is SA was all about. Tim was (and still is) very welcoming to me over the years.. The videos also bought back many memories.for me. Keep the contributions coming.

  44. Dylan Schier says

    One of the greats! Never forgets a face too, despite the head knocks!

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