Round 1 – Melbourne v GWS: Threw it Away

Melbourne vs GWS
Saturday, Mar. 26, 2016
You keep a side to a single goal for over a half of football – you should win.

We didn’t.

A shocking fourth quarter pretty much all over the ground and a shocking effort in front of the big sticks all day cost us that one.


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Kicking practice Monday morning…..
And Tuesday
And Wednesday
And Thursday
And Friday
And Saturday
And Sunday before the game against Geelong

The game started well enough. Scully getting plenty of it early to the resounding boos of the Melbourne faithful. It’s been five years but some people just can’t let go it seems. So it was with a certain deliciousness that it was Sculls who kicked the first goal, set up by a beautiful handpass under pressure from Stevie J and the run and carry of a much improved Josh Kelly.

A goal to Devon Smith was followed by a goal to Vince (after a Logie winning performance to fool the umpires) to get them on the board. Then an impressive team goal to Kennedy (Ben) that will contend for goal of the round, brought the margin back to two. Lobb stood tall in the forward line and clunked a couple (kicking one) before goals to Harmes, Vandenberg and Garlett got them to quarter time eight points up.

The first quarter was the most even of the game. It ebbed and flowed with some attractive footy from both teams, but a quarter time score of 5 straight to 3:4 heralded the trouble to come.

Over the next two quarters we kicked 5:10 to their 1:5. A lot of our ten consisted of some selfish play with players ignoring open team mates in better position to take the shots themselves. That only works if you kick the goal and our boys didn’t.

I don’t play Dream Team or Supercoach and the main reason for that is their treatment of defenders. Phil Davis was monumental throughout the first half, arguably our best player, keeping Jesse Hogan to only two effective disposals and repelling attack after attack. For his efforts he managed to amass a grand total of 36 dream team points, while other players who were far less effective (*cough* Heater 17 disposals @ 43% efficiency *cough*) ranked well ahead of him with 60+ points to the half. Makes no sense to me.

I know Hogan kicked three in the final term – but two of them were off pretty soft free kicks against Marchbank and Davis (not saying they weren’t there – they were – but in the context of what was let go, for both sides, earlier in the day.…) I still think Philthy had Hogan’s measure and took the points on the day.

I would also say that two future super stars were unearthed today – for Melbourne, the first half effort of debutant Clayton Oliver was outstanding. He was a bit quiet in the second half, but from what we saw early, dominating in the centre, Melbourne got a good one there.

For us it was the guy with a bit of the Fred Flintstone twinkletoes run up about him, the George McFly look alike – 11 gamer Rory Lobb. At 206 cm with a former basketballer’s jump and reach and a great pair of hands, his confidence is growing and he looks to have found a home in the forward line pretty much cementing his spot for some considerable time to come.

The less said about the last quarter the better. Horrible decision making, terrible turnovers and wasteful inaccuracy when it counted most cost us dearly. We had our chances to win. The last four shots on goal, when they were only ten points up, yielded 2 behinds, a complete miss and a too late goal to Toby Greene in the final minute.

Melbourne were good in the first and fourth quarters. They ran over the top of us and deserved the win. We had our chances, and we threw it away. I fear it will come back to haunt us late in the season, this one.

My Votes: 3: Phil Davis (GWS) : 2: Jack Viney (MEL) : 1: Callan Ward (GWS)

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  1. Tony Robb says

    18 points in a game, unless accompanied by 18 goals, will kill you every time. And not having Cameron due to his brain fart in the practice match. Still there was plenty to like at times although these are the games the Giants must win if they are to play finals. I agree that Davis probably had his best game but the backline lost the plot in the last quarter and panicked. Watts also had his best games for the Dees. How ironic that the supporters who have booed him for years turned their attention to Scully who rightfully left what was a crap club with a crap culture

  2. Ronald Deeman says

    Crap culture or culture of the century, Scully was never going to stay at Melbourne, or at any other club that picked him up in the draft.

    Almost unprecedently for a draftee, Scully signed a 2 year opening contract for Melbourne – point blank refusing to sign the standard 3 year contract on the advice of his father and his management team – knowing that GWS would be coming online at the start of his third year, and knowing that doing so would place him first in the queue among his cohort for the big GWS money, because everyone else would still be contracted when he came off contract.

    I’m not saying that Scully should be loathed as a mercenary or decried for hard-headedly chasing big money in what is, after all a precarious profession, but the idea that he walked out on Melbourne because of some sort of cultural malaise is a misrepresentation. The malaise was certainly there, but even if he had joined a powerhouse like Geelong., he still would have ended up at GWS. His career was carefully planned with that aim firmly in mind. Melbourne supporters don’t boo him because he left, they boo him because he was never going to stay. He and his management team perpetrated a charade of at least a year’s duration, pretending that he wasn’t in talks with GWS and even, right to the death, pretending that he was going up to GWS for a “look-around” when he had already agreed to terms with that club.

  3. could not believe the Giants blew that. McClure wrote the Dees off at 3/4 time but they were ahead by the time I got home to watch. Cameron (L.) would be starting to feel the heat if that dribble continues?

  4. Richard Webber says

    Dead on, Ronald Deeman. Others have left Melbourne, and in fact all clubs, without booing ensuing. Scully was dishonest, and it will be his legacy.

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