Three Strikes Policy (3SP): An AFL Podcast that Retreats from the War Room

Tired of War Rooms, faux chuminess and 360 degree rants?

Then Three Strikes Policy (3SP) is more than likely for you.


Inspired by conversations that used to occur whilst waiting for a coffee from Sonny the Barista, these lads have taken their musings to a meeting room and have brought an iPhone with them.

Traditionally recorded at lunchtime on a Monday (though occasionally at 4pm on a Thursday) 3SP seeks to take the seriousness out of the AFL and engage with those who feel that the usual swathe of footy panel shows lack the level of ‘unhingedness’ that besets a passionate fan.

In its usual format, the show comprises of the following three panelists.


Drew Balls – Host of the show, DB is a passionate Essendon fan who is slowly falling apart in his irritatingly methodical way. Although he is prone to the odd gaffe, his assured conducting manages to keep the show in check, as was demonstrated during the ‘Trainwreck’ that was Episode 15 when he was on paternity leave. DB is also quite keen to talk about the Lions, though he vehemently denies that they are his ‘second team’.

T Rex – Many 3SP fans tune in solely to hear the ups and downs of our ‘Man in the Birdcage’ as he mimics the form of his beloved Kangaroos. A long-time bachelor and keen punter, T Rex has the deepest AFL knowledge of all panelists yet throws his analyst hat out the window when he attends games, as was best typified by his argy bargy with a seven year-old Swans fan a few weeks back.

Prowl Dog – Although this Hawks fan resents his ‘Toff from Toorak’ moniker, it’s hard to think of any other tag when he is waxing lyrical about ‘the mates he always goes to the Grand Final with’ whilst brushing aside his deep brown coiffure. His deep, no-nonsense vocals always keep his fellow panelists on their toes and his deep disdain for the Dees and the Cats always makes for confronting listening.

On top of the usual panelists, we also read listener letters and take calls. Though the letters may be fictional, there is nothing false about Marco from Brunswick who has been in regular touch with the 3SP lads as Carlton’s season has gone from bad to funny to funnier.


Taking inspiration from the Coodabeens, Off the Bench and Finey’s less thirsty callers, 3SP has evolved as the season has gone on and, like all good teams, aims to hit their straps in the last month of the home and away season and into September.

You can listen to the show via the Spreaker website and app ( You can also follow them on Twitter (@3spolicy) where they announce the release of each episode.

We’ll be on iTunes and Facebook soon enough (we know they’re very important but we wanted to get a few episodes under our belt).

Hope you enjoy the show.



About Three Strikes Policy

The weekly AFL podcast that started as a series of conversations whilst waiting for lattes from Sonny the Barista. It may be three guys in a meeting room (as opposed to a War Room) with an iphone, but it's real, it's quite often funny and, importantly, we don't take the AFL, or ourselves, very seriously.


  1. love footy entertainment around…great way to invest 30 minutes of your time….a special shout out to marco from brunswick..he should get more airtime!!

  2. I tune in for the footy news, and hang around for the lolz. HIGHLY recommended!

  3. Really enjoy the banter from the boyz…and I don’t even like footy!

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