Third Test – Day 1: Ricky’s Garden

Lunch time therapy beckons
in the far back corner of my yard.
Solace amongst the greenery,
soothes the torture of another innings gone askew .

Prolific weeds infiltrate, amid the genuine growth,
clamouring  to replace the established order.
Undesirable intruders are identified, extracted and
dispatched over the fence as easily as a bad ball is hit for six.

Resilient, white daisies bloom and bring a smile to my face,
As resplendent and hardy as an ageing batsman
striving to recapture the accustomed brilliance of his youth,
– one last time.

Butterflies hover like fans keenly seeking autographs
Bees persist until appetites are satisfied with a sweet catch.
Refreshed, rested and ready, I return  to face another session



  1. Round and round Pam’s garden
    long putter in his hands
    Punter in retirement
    is now a golfing man.

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Lovely Pamela, and good comment Phanto. Keep up the good work and words.


  3. Pamela, I hope the Australian batsmen have a patch in their backyards to escape to, looks like they’ll need it. Lovely work

  4. Very nice Pamela. We’ll miss Ricky.

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