The WAFL’s top 25


Two interesting WAFL pieces here from one of the Almanac’s men out west, Les Everett.


First up, a summary of round two.



And second, a pre-season gimmick. The top 25 WAFL players over the past 25 years.



It would be good to get other Almanackers’ thoughts on this list.


About Les Everett

A Footy Almanac veteran, Les Everett is the author of Gravel Rash: 100 Years of Goldfields Football and Fremantle Dockers: An Illustrated History. He is the WAFL correspondent and uses the money he makes from that role to pay for his expensive websites and and fund the extravagant Vin Maskell at


  1. What a load of Waffle Les.

    Are you going on Saturday evening. I am a bit nervous but think the new Cats will be up for a stoush.

    I tipped Freo to end up a few spots ahead of The Eagle in Gigs’ Ladder. Is that OK?

  2. I’ll be there Saturday. Right behind the Cats’ bench. Freo/Geelong games at Subi in recent times have been classics. Looking forward to another one.

    Eagles are always last in my eyes. But I am trying to be a little more mature…

  3. Great read about the WAFL Les.
    Time now to put the oragami away & take the dopamine or the alarm clock.
    Look forward to Sats clash at Sir Les Paterson Stadium btwn TGTOA & the painters & Dockers.
    Some VIP’s also in town for the game,speeches,book signings & reds.

  4. As a latecomer to WA I have come to follow Swan Districts through the exploits of a nephew playing in their Colts. What struck me about the 2 Swans selections – Travis Edmonds and Shane Beros – is the total disparity in their physique and playing style. When I first saw Travis I thought “he doesn’t look like a footballer”. Tall, gangly, loping. But you watch him play and he gets to every contest. Holds his ground. Gets his body in the way. And surprisingly outstrengths to mark over more athletic opponents. Was on 3 AFL lists – Hawks, Eagles and Dockers – for 1 game in 1995. But played 262 for Swan Districts. You wouldn’t find a better team man and role player. Shane Beros was a pocket dynamo. Classic ‘bee in a bottle’ rover, who was probably a yard slow for AFL. The other one on the list that stood out for me was Brad Smith – the Subi FF – who was on the Eagles list for many years and had a career cruelled by knee injuries. I generally go to WAFL finals, and he stood out because he was so much cleverer than the blokes around him. Knew just when to lead and was quick off the mark, with a safe pair of hands. Beautiful lazy kick for goal, who threaded them from everywhere. I used to think “poor man’s Dunstall (high praise)” and wonder if he could have cut it at AFL. Sadly we’ll never know. He could kick 6 every game in the WAFL on dodgy knees, never bothering to run, except for a couple of blinding leads each quarter.
    Final mention – I know he doesn’t qualify under the sensible 100 game rule for WAFL qualification. But Andrew Krakouer’s 2010 season for Swan Districts (winning the Sandover Medal) and his Grand Final ‘lazy 6’ culminating in the winner with seconds to play, is in my Top 10 games and Top 10 individual performances at any level. AK was breathtaking that day, and Swans would have got beaten by 10 goals without him. He willed them to a premiership with his skills, heart and goals. Hope he makes it back for the Pies this year (only good wishes they will get from me).
    Thanks for posting this Les.

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