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Floreat Picca: Hoges : Jo Hogan, Inspired by Shakespeare: September 2018


Sonnet 1


My love is a fever, longing still


For that which longer nurseth the disease;


Feeding on that which doth preserve the ill,


The uncertain sickly appetite to win a Premiership,


My reason my comrades, are for my gladiators in arms


Focused and Strong, so that our enemies prescriptions are not kept,


Black and White, in my veins, and I desperate now for another Premiership


Desire is the Holy Grail, The Silver Cup from which to drink victory


Past cure I am, no reason is past care


and frantic mad with ever more unrest


My thoughts and my discourse as madmans are,


At random from the truth vainly express’d;


For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright,


Who art as black as hell and white as white


Floret Picca.


  1. Diana Carroll says:

    Love it! Sums up our March to September longings so very well!

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