The Smile Says It All: We’re Into The Granny!

A beaming Abby Lennon (Wests) enjoying a post-Prelim drink

A beaming Abby Lennon (Wests) enjoying a post-Prelim drink


Bang! Bang! Bang!

That was the sound of some confidently-executed goals being booted by Yeronga against Wests at the Junior Girls Under-13 Preliminary Final at Calamvale on Brisbane’s outskirts on Friday night.

Yeronga’s ‘shock and awe’ approach had Wests down by three goals to zip less than three minutes into the first term.

The Wests girls bounced back to lock it up in the second quarter. In the third, the sort of teamwork that has come to define this enthusiastic group of youngsters saw Wests inch ahead before storming home in the final term to win by five goals. Teamwork was the order of the day.

At Wests, a small club with a big history based in the Brisbane suburb of Toowong, this is the girls’ first season playing together and for most, it’s their first year of competitive footy.

With Friday night’s Grand Final to be played against an undefeated Kedron at Coorparoo, some sleepless night lay ahead, for the parents anyway. The girls just take it in their stride.

Self-confessed underdogs, the Wests Under-13 girls have reminded those of us following them that footy can still be a lot of fun. With the right attitude, a bit of hard work and a cheeky smile, anything is possible.

Bring on the Granny!




  1. Lisa Lennon says

    Love this pic of Abby and how many conversations i have had today about what a ‘granny’ is.

    Great story Sash. Xxx

  2. Well done Abby and the write up is a wonderful insight to the team and how far the girls have come in such a short time. Of course, full marks also goes to the Coach for his great work with the team.
    Hip, hip, Hooray for The Wests.

  3. Thanks Mum, but I can’t take any credit for coaching this team. It’s an all-girls affair. (I do hope Abby listens to my pep talks though) :-)

  4. Mark Duffett says

    You can’t leave it hanging there, of course – looking forward to the grand final write-up!

  5. The Grand Final will be played this evening at 6.15pm. Match report to follow – win lose or draw.

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