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Heaps of Almanackers come from South Australia and bring a delightful Crow and iced coffee flavour to our website.

Not a lot happens in South Australia which is a bloody good reason to live there in my view. You grow wheat, wool or have a vineyard (Exhibit A: Paul Bagshaw). Adelaide exists so Test cricket and good footy can be played at the Adelaide Oval.

The bush footy is excellent and bush cricket’s solid as well.

Everyone knows everyone.

Lawrie Colliver is certainly known to anyone involved in cricket and footy.

He is a good friend of the Almanac, having taken an interest in what we do, and he has helped promote various publications of ours over the years – especially via his excellent website

Worth having a look at and putting in your favourites. It’s the best way of keeping up with SA country footy which has existed for over 150 years – more on that in a separate story to come about Kapunda FC.

Anyway, because everyone in SA knows each other, Lawrie and our photo essayist Peter Argent get their heads together from time to time, and Peter decided he should tell the world that Lawrie Colliver is still a very handy cricketer. So when Peter Argent learnt that the hard-hitting left-hander made a hundred he thought he best immortalise it in print.

Read about the day Lawrie turned into Graeme Pollock in the online magazine Our Sporting Life SA.!Stats-Man-Delivers-on-the-Field/c249/54d943740cf23137e8422a25

Lawrie also produces an annual cricket book.




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  1. 150 out of 230 is certainly earning the beers your team-mates should buy! Although you hear of these lone-hands with surprising regularity.

    A Kimba mate played in a country carnival side that was dismissed for two!

    JTH- looking forward to the Kapunda FC piece.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Was that P Argent at #11 ?

  3. Yeh let him stranded on 8 not out. Was caught at long-on, my Bad!!

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