The other Gary Ablett


by Hamish Cameron

On Monday, a Gary Ablett of a different kind passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was 46, played for Liverpool and was later controversially transferred to Everton. Ablett scored in his first match and won two championships and the FA Cup during his spell with Liverpool, and became the first player to win the FA Cup for both Merseyside clubs when he repeated the feat with Everton in 1995.


I remember first hearing about “our Garys'” namesake whilst hiking in Brazil with an Englishman. Upon sharing my obsession for one G. Ablett Senior of Geelong, he spoke of one G. Ablett of Merseyside. Memorably, he remarked that Ablett’s name had become rhyming slang for an ecstasy tablet. For example, “eh mate il give ya 3quid for that last Gary Ablett”. The irony was and still isn’t lost on me.

Anyway, I digress. You can read a moving tribute by former Liverpool captain Alan Hansen on The Daily Telegraph website. By all accounts he was a decent man with great talent for the world game.

As one punter on the Liverpool website commented, “RIP Gary Ablett, You’ll never walk alone.”


  1. Dave Nadel says

    It is probably a topic for a different thread but I wonder how many names recur in sport. As well as the Gary Abletts in Aussie Rules and British soccer, I am fairly sure there was a Kevin Sheedy playing soccer in England at the same time as Sheeds was playing for Richmond. And speaking of sixties Richmond players there was a Kevin Bartlett racing cars in the 60s or 70s.

    Jones is such a common name that it is unremarkable that Formula One Champion Alan Jones had the same name as the Former Rugby Coach and general Right Wing Creep, Jones the Parrott.

  2. yes, could make for an interesting post! as an aside, i was wondering if g. ablett junior will become the first player to win a premiership at geelong and the gold coast (in a similar vein to his namesake at liverpool and everton). that would be a rare club indeed (i.e. players named g. ablett who have won premierships at two different clubs for the first time!)…

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