The Magic of the Cup-Round 5 (Curtin University SC)

Continuing my journey through the WA side of the 2016 FFA Cup from the very beginning. I started off with my local side Backpackers FC have followed them until being knocked out by Curtin Uni. Will now follow that side until they are defeated and follow that side and so on so forth. Who knows where I’ll end up…


BACKPACKERS FC 8 Western United (Sunday Division 5) 0



Fremantle Croatia (Sunday Premier League) 4  BACKPACKERS FC 4 (Backpackers won 4-2 on penalties)



BACKPACKERS FC 2 v Bunbury Dynamos (South West Premier League) 0



Curtin University (Saturday Division 2) 4 v BACKPACKERS FC 2


ROUND FIVE-Monday April 25

CURTIN UNIVERSITY FC (Saturday Division 2) v CANNING CITY (Saturday Division 1)

I guess it was a little strange heading to the next round of the FFA Cup without watching Backpackers FC. They had been my kindred spirit since round 1 following them around the metro area as they managed to make it round four. As I said in the last piece though they were done 4-2 in extra time by Curtin University who now took over as the team to follow throughout the FFA Cup.

It was a return to the Uni and Edinburgh Oval again to watch the next round with their clash against local rivals Canning City. City were created in 1972 to cater for the burgeoning community that was spreading through the south eastern suburbs of Perth that also spawned other well known clubs like Kelmscott that was a big club in the pioneer years of the sport in Perth. City were now a club that served the Willetton area with a youth system taking in hundreds of players and a fine history.

It was a windy and rainy Anzac Day for the clash that was very different to the roasting Easter Monday when Curtin last played. There was a scattering of fans around with many not in attendance due to Anzac Day commitments including the AFL on the telly but they would come down later when it was clear the footy would be a blow out. The winner of this clash would be in the quarter finals in the WA side of the competition so a lot of was on the line with Curtin very much the underdogs. Like in many other sports though luck is a hell of a thing.

Within the first 20 minutes of this cup clash Canning were cruelled with two injuries to Trevisio and Wade that forced them in to making two substitutions scrambling their system and leaving only one substitution left for the entire match. Curtin took advantage in a game that was low on spite even with the two clubs close neighbours. Finally on 37 minutes Canning broke through to take the lead through Middleton. The boys were on their way at half time and had 45 minutes left to keep the lead and advance.

In the second half Canning were frustrated against their lower division opponents and started to lash out copping yellow cards some 10 and 14 minutes in to the match. Despite their emotions not being kept in check they harried and tried to hassle Curtin in to mistakes. Early in the second half this finally happened when a foul saw a penalty given to Canning who now had a chance to equalise. The penalty was saved and 1-0 it stayed. More luck for Curtin.

All Curtin had to do after escaping that penalty was to do a Geelong against Port Adelaide on Saturday night and rise above it, keep their nerve, keep focused. Keep their nerve is what they did with a key sub made on 62 minutes when Salhah came on for Masrangi with Salhah scoring on 70 minutes and putting Curtin well in control. Canning had made their final sub on the hour and had nothing left to fight with the game finishing 2-0. A magnificent albeit fortunate win to Curtin University under darkening skies and ever more inebriated students watching from the drinking area.

In the quarter finals I finally get to see a top division club on my travels in 2016 with Curtin travelling to WA football royalty Stirling Lions (nee Macedonia) at Macedonia Park. Should be a cracker with some fervent support from the Curtin Uni crowd against an NPL side.



CURTIN UNIVERSITY 2 (Middleton 37 Salhah 70)



CROWD-50 or so? Family and interested onlookers with some people perhaps on the sauce since just after the dawn service adding some vocal support.

ATMOPSHERE-Despite being a local clash the weather perhaps put a dampener on the crowd with so much at stake.

FACILITIES-Not much had change since when I was here at Easter. Your standard under-funded uni sports club facilities really.

EATS/DRINKS FACILITIES-There was a bar (with rugby memorabilia everywhere) still but the bored bar maid on her phone was a little busier this time.

Curtin University are away to Stirling Macedonia in the next round on May 14.

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