The Land of my fathers: or whoevers!

I hear that Johan Botha is now an Australian citizen, meaning he can play for an Australian XI. I have mixed views on this,  paraphrasing French philosopher Alain Badiou, one always divides into two. Botha has always come across as being very perceptive, blessed with a good cricket brain. However his bowling, if we call it that, action strikes me as suspect. Then again in contemporary cricket actions that might have once been called as illegitimate are tolerated. That gets him off the hook.


To cut a long story short I feel he’d make a good captain for the Australian T-20 side. It is a form of the game we’ve struggled in, it is Botha’s best format, combined with his cricketing smarts this makes him a prime candidate for this role. Anyone better?


To play for two representative cricketing nations is uncommon, but not entirely unheard of. I thought hmmm, let’s put together a team of blokes who in my lifetime have represented two nations. Some have played tests, others the limited over format, some both, but all have worn the cap(s) of two nations. Here we go.


K Wessels (c) Australia/South Africa

C Lambert West Indies/United States of America

E Joyce Eire/United Kingdom

E Morgan Eire/United Kingdom

G Hamilton United Kingdom/Scotland

L Ronchi (wk) Australia/New Zealand

A Cummins West Indies/Canada

D Brown England/Scotland

J Traicos South Africa/Zimbabwe

B Rankin Eire/United Kingdom




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  1. Shane John Backx says

    Should be limited to test cricket only.

  2. Valid point Shane, but i did qualify myself saying ‘in my lifetime’.

    True i’m getting quite long in the tooth but i honestly did not live in the era(s) of chaps like Billy Midwinter, or the Nawab of Pataudi Senior.

    If the side only comprised test cricketers, the captaincy; Billy Murdoch, Keppler Wessels?


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