The Junior Bye Round Mega Post

My Tennis Semi Final

Played the day

East Torrens Kensington Gardens versus Rostrevor

8.30pm, Saturday 2 September,

Max Amber Sportsfield, Adelaide,

Aidan Hammond


First tennis semi final, that I have ever had, I need to win. In the doubles the courts are really wet when we warm up, so the parents sweep up the courts. Then we get to warm up, we spin the racket and we are ready to play the doubles. We get the toss and we win and chose to serve.

So first I get to serve and the match starts off well, I serve and then my partner volleys it, point. We win this point. They only get 15 points, 1-0. This happens again but they are serving. We do the same thing. until 4-0. Then in the last 2 games we win on deuce, 6-0.

Because there are only 2 games going on we get 2 courts. So my other partners singles is going on at the same time. So then I get to play, it is basically the same as the doubles. 40-15. Until 4-0. Then it is one for one until 6-2. It is a good game, we have made the grand final.

I only get to see the last bit of the game, I hear when I am playing that it is close, I am watching it. My team get the last 2 games, we win 6-3. We officially win 3-0 18-5. We stick around a bit longer so we can see who we are versing in the grand final. Athelstone, bring it on.



Doubles ETKG 6 Rostrevor 0

Singles ETKG 6 Rostrevor 2

Singles ETKG 6 Rostrevor 3

My Footy Preliminary Final

Finished it off

Walkerville versus Angle Vale

1.00pm, Sunday 3 September.

Argana Park, Adelaide,

Aidan Hammond


Today, on Fathers Day, we are versing Angle Vale. The team we drew with and beat by 1 point, a very good side. It is Fathers day, can we give a present to all the Walkerville dads and granddads, and for us. To have a chance to make the grand final. Driving up to Elizabeth part way between Walkerville and Angle Vale.

The first bit of the quarter I start in the middle and then I switch to half back. We get the clearance and it is looking good. Then they get it inside their 50, it is like that for the rest of the quarter, we are defending well and we have good pressure. We keep them to only 3. But the main thing is that they keep us scoreless.

At quarter time we switch the team around a tad, and run over what we need to do again. We play a lot better in the 2nd quarter. We keep them scoreless but we are still scoreless. They defend at the last bit inside the oval, we almost score a heap of goals. But we don’t, and we need to.

At half time, I don’t know what it is and we get ignited. We are all clicking, I think we can do it. In the third quarter, it is our best one. We score a goal they get a rushed behind. That was all that was in their forward 50. I remember their forwards were going inside the forward 50 and we were along the 50 metre arc. They were just kicking it out and there would be a rush of Blue and White, their runner was not happy.

Our Coach is happy. He tells us that this is the most important quarter of our season. If we lose we are knocked out. At the start of the quarter we get a point, it is almost a goal but just brushes the post.  We dominate the start. We are so nervous, they get a lot of inside 50s. We are kicking it out, they are getting it back.

15 seconds left, I am one on one at the top of the square. Miss it, goal and lose. Get outmarked goal and lose. Mark and play on, bounce then see a player and bomb it out win. We win, we have made a grand final. It is indescribable I can’t say how happy I am. We hug everyone, they are crying, we sing the song. Bring it on Payneham.


Walkerville 1.1 (7)

Angle Vale 0.5 (5)

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  1. Comment Below when you think I should publish my Brownlow, All Australian, and Best and Fairest.

  2. Well done, Aidan. Good to have a Leo Barry moment so early in your career. Ask Gubby about his match saving mark in a grand final some time. I reckon line your awards up for your next mega post.

  3. This has been an amazing season! At the beginning I had no idea what to expect. Making it all the way to the GF is the best. Winning will be better. You guys have a great chance and looking forward to seeing you have a red hot go. You won’t die wondering.

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