The Hinkley Factor

“When you watch this group of young men play footy, they play exciting footy. If you want to watch footy that’s exciting and fun, come and watch Port Adelaide, because we won’t stop that. We’ll keep playing that way. I’ve got a great belief in the way the game should be played – and the players believe in it, too. The whole club believes in it. We want footy to be fun.” K. Hinkley after Port’s loss to Hawthorn.

Of the 100,497,632 words written and spoken about footy this season these are the most important. Take note R Lyon. Take note Essendon. Hinkley gets it. Many don’t.


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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    As a Crows fan, I so want to despise Port, but I can only admire the turnaround of the past two years and their style of game. Can’t believe that we beat them in Round 15 (maybe that says more about us than them).

    They will be nigh on unstoppable in the next few years; I heard last night that they have the fourth youngest list in the comp.

    I’m old enough to have seen plenty of clubs get ahead of themselves, and their showbiz President might, but can’t see the coach doing that.

  2. There are many reasons to love Port and Hinkley and DJLitsa’s premiership window, but above all for putting an end to the notion that defensive footy is essential to winning.
    Like the Constitution the game has an amazing capacity to adapt and prove the wisdom of the founding fathers (those Marngook blokes knew a thing or two). When we were all baying for rule changes to kill of Ross and Roos ball, along came some coaches with the idea that speed and skill could trump trench warfare.
    The 3 top teams all have midfield run and attacking flair on top of sound defence – not ULTRA defence.
    Ross and Roos suddenly look like last year’s models. Yippee.

  3. So close to having my Sydney v Port GF tip come true. I must admit, I may have been cheering more for the Premiership Window, but you have to love what has happened at Port since Hinkley was appointed, how they play the game and the approach that he has. With their list and age, they are really so well placed for a dominant year or 5.

    Vale Statistical Premiership Window.

  4. I was disappointed when Leon Cameron knocked back Port. I was initially apprehensive about Hinkley’s appointment as he had already been rejected by several other clubs.

    I have no regrets now. After four years in the wilderness I’ve enjoyed the last two seasons thanks to Ken.

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