The Footy Almanac Over The Years

The Footy Almanac has come a long way. I am very thankful to everyone who has made this happen. I only came in 2015 when I was nine, so I am very thankful to the people who did the hard yards before me. I am also thankful to the people who joined it recently and keep doing it like me. So, Thankyou! I  found this website. I found the Footy Almanac!










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  1. G’day Aidan,

    It’s a good read and your writing reminds me how technology was developed! I wonder if WordPress existed when this great site started in 2009.

    I joined the Almanac in October 2014 with a great invitation by my good friend and fellow St Kilda supporter, Yvette Wroby. My appreciation to her for offering me great opportunities to write stories in English (I am Japanese by the way) and to share my thoughts and perceptions of the great Australian sport is always laid.

    Keep doing good work, young fella and enjoy the footy!

    Cheers mate


  2. Thanks Yoshi, I’ve read your awesome reports. My Uncle (Dave Brown), got me into the footy Almanac in April 2015.

  3. Cheers Aidan for your compliment. You are doing well too mate! Footy Almanac seems to grow up Almanackers through and through!

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