The Case of False Identity on a Scanlen’s Footy Card





Over the years, suspicion regarding the true identity of the footballer on the Rod Stokes footy card have grown. Recently, the situation deteriorated.


“That is not Rod Stokes,” Ian Cover claimed, in an outburst that rocked the Diggers, causing Jim Fidge to raise his eyebrows.


“Well, if it’s not Rod Stokes, who is it?” said the former mayor.


The question was left hanging.


Can you help? Can we find the player involved and even speak to him?


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  1. Keyser Soze?

  2. There was a three way error in the Geelong cards from the 1973 Scanlens issue.

    The Rod Stokes card is actually Robert Whatman
    The Robert Whatman card is actually Greg Lindquist
    The Greg Lindquist card is actually Rod Stokes

    A further error appeared on the Rod Stokes card in that they called Greg Lindquist “Gordon” so not only was the name wrong, it was even spelled wrong. So if you want to find a picture of Rod Stokes you need to find the 1973 “Gordon” Lindquist card.

    This also happened to Footscray in the 1969 where:
    Fred Cook is named Ron McGowan
    Ron McGowan is named Fred Cook
    Ivan Marsh is named David Thorpe
    David Thorpe is named Ivan Marsh

    In the 1981 South Melbourne cards Rod Carter is named Stephen Wright and Stephen Wright is named Rod Carter.

    There are numerous cases of misspelled names on cards.

  3. Yvette Wroby says

    Aussie80’s, if correct, has solved a mystery that otherwise could have gone on for at least a day! So is there a story in all this about how you know this stuff??

  4. John Butler says

    Fred Fanning?

  5. aussie80s well played !

  6. Superb work Aussie 80’s.

    Rod Stokes made his VFL debut at the Lake Oval, Round 2 1971. One of 8 “first gamers” that afternoon – Stokes, Micky Woolnough and Warwick Yates for the Cats with Jim Haines, Russell McHenry and Ron Page making their initial senior appearance in Red and White.

    Interestingly (at least for me) was the fact that both teams had debutants by the name of Peter Brown that day.


  7. Yes Round 2 1971. Both Geelong and South Melbourne coming off big losses in the opener. Of the 8 debutants that day only Mike Woolnough saw out the decade,though not with his original club.

    Geelong won the Round 2 clash. Some revenge for losing twice to South Melbourne in 1970


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