The Bob Neil Almanac

Bob Neil is a legend.

He is such a legend the Almanac has decided to establish the The Footy Almanac Register of Bob Neil References and Sightings. We will take stories, but photographic evidence (signs especially, other paraphernalia, images of the great man) will be trumps.

Send those stories and images to Bob Neil Register

We will do a Bob Neil Almanac (and that is dead-set fair dinkum) if you think he warrants it, and if the body of work has sufficient cultural cachet.

Of course we would welcome a strong partnership with the Adelaide University Blacks on this one.

We will add the images as they arrive, so scroll down.

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 ITEM 1 – from Swish Schwerdt

Swish Scwerdt Bob Neil profile


ITEM 2 – Daniel Weekley’s sighting

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  1. Unfortunately no photo sorry. I happened to be at Leeds (Yorkshire Post – beans on toast) for the Ashes test of 1993, with the visting JT Harms as it happens. We were more than chuffed when the announcement was made requesting Dr Bob Neil contact the office urgently.

    The other highlight, and I kick myself for not snapping a photo, was the electronic scoreboard flashing up the message “Sanjeet Khan please contact Leeds infirmary … wife delivering”

  2. Handbag Hansen has written the words “Bob Neil” in most places in Adelaide and around the world so I regard him as having a first class PHD in Bob Neil Studies

  3. Rabid Dog says

    Too many to mention…

  4. No photos but I did have drinks with the great man at the Exeter Hotel a few months ago. Does that count?!1?

  5. Played alongside Bob in the 1977 A7 Blacks. My career nosedived thereafter.

  6. The man with two first names!

  7. Tell us more Charlie

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