The best of the 2012 Almanac?

It was a great read. Possibly the best yet with tighter, terser reports.

But, of the 208 essays/articles, which was the best contribution for the season?

Let’s get some controversy going. John might even decide on a Knacker Award for the Best of the Season. Sort of a Booker Award for Almanackers. The mind boggles at potential trophy designs.

My vote goes to Tony Robb for his ‘The Drinking of Carlton Mead’, round 15, game one. Tony invented the principality of Carltonia. Whether it was an Evil Empire, or Camelot, depends on your prejudice toward the Old Navy Blues. His cast of Carltonia royalty was inspired titling:  King Jack of Elders, Lord Harris the Hated, Pagan the Sorcerer, Sir Sticks of Glenelg, Christopher of Brownlow, Princess Rebecca of Plunging, Sir Brett of Ears, Earl Jeremy of Backflank, Viscount Simpson of Sleeves, Baron Eddie of Shorts. Funny, funny as was Tony’s running gag, ‘There was much Carlton Mead  drunk that night’. And, amid all the perceptive Carlton anointing, Tony also managed to stick it up Collingwood with his Magpie monickers including Duke Dawes of La La Land, Sir Travis the Unreliable and Sir Dane of Tatts. Royal Parade and Princes Park signage will forever onward give me the giggles.


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In 1980 offered Charlie Sutton honorary help with the Bulldogs' marketing. Didn't escape for another 17 years. Was one of the 250,000 who saw the Dogs first and last premiership in 1954.


  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    I also thought Tony Robb’s ‘ The Drinking of Carlton Mead’ piece was fantastic.

  2. What will Tony Robb do for an encore? The House of Malt?

  3. Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the piece as I had a lot of fun writing it . I think the absence of any reference to Geelong may negate the chance of such an honour being bestowed upon me (:

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