The Bad Boys of Footy

Matthew Webber, author of House of the Rising Suns – an account of the debut year of the Suns – returns with Bad Boys of Footy: Modern Failings of Football’s Finest. “Everybody screws up. Of course they do. But no one screws up like a modern day gladiator,” says Matthew.

“We read about footballers every day. We celebrate their physical feats, their freakish athleticism, their guile and poise on the park. We rejoice in their glories. We feel their hurt. We share their tears. But more and more, football is not enough.

“Nowadays, off-field behaviour steals more than its share of column space. Private lives are no longer. Mistakes are magnified. And we in the outer are voyeurs. We delve for details. We are judge and juror. Sometimes we are executioner. When footballers stumble, our damnation is usually ruthless.

“Crossing all four football codes, The Bad Boys of Footy not only shines a critical light on a host of contemporary miscreants who’ve tripped up, boozed, lied, cheated, whacked, kicked and bottomed out, it also holds a mirror up to us as sporting fans as we consume the failings of those we hold up as heroes.”

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