The Baby Blues

Da da da da daa, da da da da daa.

They are the Baby Blues,
They are the old light baby Blues.

People bag Eddie and the Essendon leadership because The Pies and The Bombers won’t wear ridiculous “Away” strips. But they turn up at all their matches looking like Collingwood and Essendon (even when they are missing half their stars). I have no idea who the team were who lost to Port Adelaide on Saturday but they neither looked nor played like the team that all the Blue Knackers bragged about after Round 3.

I am looking forward to the return bout between the Old Light Blues and the Black and Whites.


  1. …f***ed if I know who the are either

  2. Dave – it was the Lilydale seconds.

    (apologies to the Lilydale seconds).

  3. pamela sherpa says

    The Pies and Bombers have done the right thing by sticking to their original jumpers. Thank God at least 2 teams in the competition can still identified by their supporters. The alternative jumpers issue has gone beyond ridiculous – e.g to the point that the Crows now wear a clash jumper that clashes more with their opponent’s than their original would!!!

  4. Andrew Starkie says

    It’s funny how before footy went professional clubs didn’t need clash strips.

    But they do now.

    Have modern day players, fans, umpires, commentators worse eye sight than previous generations? is it because of all the chicken we eat? Should we all be eating more carrots? Has the AFL banned carrots?

    Clash strips are are one of the more blatant and disrespectful ways professional sport rips off fans.

    In the mid-90s, when I lived in London, Man U had five, yes five, strips in one season.

  5. Jeff Dowsing says

    I hate variations on guernseys but if it must be done then reversing out of the primary design isn’t too bad. I actually like the Kangas’ white on blue and when the Eagles occasionally go blue on yellow as they originally had.

    In the Blues case I can only guess they thought the predominately white looked a little insipid and cost too much in White King. But the baby blue alternative harking back to the infamous M&M strip of the mid ’90’s is a bit weird. Looked more like Prahran or Sturt..

    Mind you, Melbourne Victory’s fluoro yellow away strip is criminal.

  6. If you’re having trouble recognising Carlton in its away strip, try other indicatiors such as insipidness and ineptitude. The team displaying these traits is Cartlton more often than not.

    Has anyone noticed that Carltons fortunes have dived since Chris Judd was busted over his pokie machines investments????? Not a good look for Mr Perfect.

  7. Andrew Starkie says

    Pokie machines? Please, tell me more…. insert evil laugh….

  8. Chris Judd took the filthy untaxed, price colluded money he gets from Visy and invested iit in pokie machines …. or so I gathered

    read more

  9. T Bone etc

    I attended the Essendon Carlton game in early 2010, when Judd was suspended, and he was a guest in teh corporate box we were hostig. He came in to press teh flesh, sign soem stuff and take soem questions. Big coup for our customers.

    Most questions were about hamstrings etc, stock standard stuff. he’s not very engaging, but hard to liven up that sort of stuff.

    as it was a corporate do, I asked him what he was doing at Visy and what message he had for all teh companies we had there that night and what they coudl do for teh environment.

    Er, big mistake.

    Donuts, tumbleweeds, crickets.

    The guy had nothing, nadda, zilch.

    He couldn’t even fake an asnwer, like take your own bags to teh supermarket, and don’t throw out platic bottles, recycle.

    He had some bull eventually about soem Visy stuff, but by then it was clear that

  10. sorry, pressed submit too quick (and pre spell checking!!).

    it was clear he had never been anywhere near Visy in his life. The job and cash are a scam, he’s no more a Visy environmental ambassador than I am.

    Much as a hate the Blues, I think the jumpers are vile. Are they still trying to sell those new M&Ms?


  11. @Sean

    Donuts tumbleweeds crickets!!!!!!

    I love it

  12. Andrew Starkie says

    Sean, yeah, love donuts, tumbleweeds,crickets.

    Dirty money.

  13. Lord Bogan says

    This is for you Litza…and Ratts because for 6 long years he’s been in trouble.

  14. From one of my all time favourite films, thanks LB

  15. Lord Bogan says

    Now I can’t get the song out of my head. Thanks Litza! Great film.

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