The Ashes – First Test: Give us your running commentary on proceedings at the Gabba

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  1. Looks like a pretty good wicket.

  2. Love hearing Aggers through the wires.

  3. Australian Open Golf is on in 10 minutes. Can’t wait. Golf greens have grass. Unlike modern cricket pitches/ACB revenue machines.

  4. I’m actually enjoying the rhythm of this PB. And now the slight change of rhythm with Nathan the Lionhearted giving his cap to the umpire. Super first over. He did this to Carberry Day 1 2013-14 paving the way for Mitchell Johnson.

  5. Aggers and now Alison Mitchell. Wonderful, knowledgeable commentary.

    Sounds like a patient start all round. Test cricket.

  6. Golf on tv, PB ?
    I would rather watch the grass on the putting greens grow.

  7. Again, another a flat track. Very disappointing.
    There hasn’t been a seaming Gabba wicket for years

  8. There’s been a lot of talk about a demonstration of need before we consider four day tests – this pitch is Exhibit A for the prosecution

  9. Gabbatoir? Is that because the main course comes without greens?

  10. PB – The Jamie Oliver of cricket commentary.
    Starting to get very steamy here at the Gabba and the pool is getting good useage.
    Great session of G & D by the Poms.

  11. “Best gloveman in Australia?” I guess he was the last time he kept.

  12. Jan Courtin says

    Lots of Poms – quiet at the moment – as the crowd’s favourite Gary runs out their debutant, while the loud, drunk Aussies are concentrating on their xxxx more than the cricket. Not at all sure why so many of them find it so hysterical to watch on and encourage their fellow drunks to skol yet another without taking a breath, but each to their own I guess.

    Nothing like being here!

  13. Lyon bowling hand grenades but they’re doing too much. Malan looking sound. Three English unknowns now have made fifties.

  14. TV mute. Streaming ABC radio. Listening to Aggers and Rogers describe 4 balls ago. Where did I put the tranny after the last footy match? Racing’s constant companion consigned.

  15. The old cliche in club cricket was to add 2 wickets to any score, if you wanted to judge how well you were going. Malan chucked it away when Australia were starting to look out of ideas. Now it’s 6-for.

    Fifites usually don’t win tests.

  16. 100% John – a frustrating innings for the English with so many getting set and then throwing it away. But that was the key moment today. The signs are good but they now have a lot to do with the ball to stay in it.

  17. Terrible shot by Malan.
    The Australians were struggling to that point.

  18. He should be sent straight to the executioner without trial for giving the Aussies reason to continue with their leg theory.

  19. Maxwell nearing a ton for the Vics…

  20. Love the way sport and test cricket in particular confounds the pundits. All the talk was of Cook, Root and the Australian quicks. But the game has been all about Stoneham, Vince, Malan and Lyon.
    Flags are won by your worst 6 or the Unknown Knowns in cricket.
    The pitch is more Bangalore than Brisbane. Known Unknowns.
    I am enjoying this. Hope Citrus isn’t reading.

  21. PB
    Are my eyes deceiving me? Did I just read that you are “enjoying” this?

    Excellent timing this by Maxwell. Weight of runs.
    If Marsh fails and/or gets injured, he is in the plum position now.

  22. Yep Smokie. Good contest. Just not sure who I am barracking for yet.

  23. The Poms haven’t exactly turned themselves into excitement machines since we last saw them. Run rate of 2.59. What a stinker of a run rate. That couldn’t possibly win them the Test unless the Aussies self destruct.

  24. John Butler says

    It wasn’t pretty Dips. But they made Australia bowl 116 overs. That could pay off for them later in the series. If they’re good enough.

  25. Peter Warrington says

    Go Maxi!

  26. Peter Warrington says

    “winter is coming”
    Said John Snow
    Off the long run:
    7 for 4-0
    Targetting fingers
    Tragetting stumps
    Blueing with the fans and
    Blueing with the umps!

  27. Khawaja has a new nickname – Watto.

    Plop down the pitch. Out. Repeat endlessly.

  28. I’m not so sure the England run rate is entirely of their making, although it suits them 100%. The Aussies are going at 2.7 now, only a notch quicker. It’s clearly not easy to time anything on this deck, and the spinners look dangerous. This thing is brilliantly poised. Everytime one side gets on top, it swings back the other way. Perfect test cricket, IMO.

  29. J Bannister – don’t give the Poms any excuses. They’re just a dreary mob.

  30. John Butler says

    If we’re criticizing Malan for his shot, we have to concede Warner’s dismissal was soft as.

    And not the first time he’s fallen to a shot like that. Especially against England.

    Jack, I reckon you’re on the money re the pitch. Not showing any signs of quickening up as yet. Hard to force the ball. Particularly with a cross bat.

    Pressure on Smith now.

  31. Nearest the pin Australia first inning please? I’ll buy the closest a pot next Friday.

    237 – Starc will make 53.

  32. 203.

  33. Peter Warrington says

    A Lara-esque 277

  34. Slower run rate than the Poms now!
    222 for mine.

  35. If Marsh gets a score this nation will need extended time on the psychiatrist’s couch.

  36. I’m watching the snooker over here as well.
    There’s a lot of Ronnie O’Sullivan in SE Marsh.
    Natural, fluid almost thoughtless in their movement.
    I think Ronnie has made about 8 comebacks as well.

    And there’s a lot of Stephen Hendry in Steve Smith, in the sense of dogged and relentless accumulation.

    I’m tipping centuries for both tomorrow, and a score in excess of 400.

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