The Ashes – Adelaide Test: Patience, precipitation and port

by Daryl Schramm


Patience is a word fast falling from everyday vocab and living.  Try posting an almanac article on Facebook and there’s limited response.  Post a one-liner and, well, everyone’s a smartarse!


All 26 sessions of the Ashes series so far have been won, shared or lost on this patience factor I reckon. Australia is just ahead on this measure so far (luck either way notwithstanding).


Both captains were let down by execution (bowling and batting and a little bit by the weather).  Root deserved more from a bowling attack that didn’t help themselves and should have known better.  Then again by poor shot selection and application (attribute lack of patience) of the batting. Smith let down by the bowling to the English tail and the batting at the start of Day 4.  WTF was that batting approach about?  Short balls as stock balls (not shock balls) doesn’t turn me on. I like finesse. Total irritation would best describe the mood around me come the start of the fourth innings of the match.


What ifs?  Smith’s decision not to enforce the follow-on was a no-brainer for me. Had we been smarter in the bowling approach they would have been dismissed in 50 overs. Add 20 overs to the night time bowling and it becomes manageable. Root also had his reasons for putting us in.


My total financial outlay for 5 days (aside from membership subs) was $23.  Two ports late Sunday, one each for Miandad (me and dad perhaps? – Ed) and a coffee each late Monday.  Was it cold or what??!!  A port at the cricket?  Never!!  Why only $23?  I don’t like being ripped off.  The corned silverside pieces with bread and pickled onions did the job.


Now I am feeling melancholy. A sixth celebratory beer, and listening to Radio Margaritaville as I write has capped off a memorable few days.  Great test.  Great event. Kicked off with Friday night at Adelaide Lutheran FC and an early minute today to mow the lawns to prepare for visitors tomorrow night.  Life is good.



  1. Well done Daryl. Good to see you the other night. Port and pickled onions!

    You’re right about patience in cricket. I guess that’s why it’s called a Test. This edition wasn’t a classic, but it did have plenty of moments.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Welcome Daryl. Fair to say I outlaid a bit more than you at the cricket. Some people go on holiday to Bali, I spend five days at the cricket hoping at least some of my expenditure ends up at grass roots footy and cricket. Absolutely, patience is key, Marsh’s first innings a study in it and in the end almost precisely the difference between the teams.

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Well done Darryl welcome to the knackery as a long time reader 1st time writer.Couldnt agree more re patience and v good point re the 1 liner on face book compared to a actual article
    I am the same re the obscene prices at Ad oval I spent zero
    ( now regular readers Darrel is 1 of the few people to have me speechless he was umpires coach in footy
    and said I want to see you I thought about time I am going up a grade and it was the other way I was dropped and was swallowing tadpoles of fresh air not saying a word )

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I’m the same Daryl, can’t stand smartarses. Silverside is very underrated.

    Looking forward to your upcoming Confessions of a Maggot Coach – Part 1: The Ashwood Saga

  5. Blimey, you have done well to spend only $23 at the Adelaide Test.

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