The Ashes 2017/18 – Third Test, the WACA: Call For Writers

This is an invitation for writers of Test cricket; all styles, all ages; to submit their observations and thoughts on the third test of the Ashes in Perth.


It shapes as a grand farewell to the WACA, which has been treacherous for England for years. Off the back of a slightly bigger break, we’ll say farewell to yet another hill. And I’m sure there are plenty of other WACA memories to be shared over the coming days.


Nominate any day or days in the comments below to assist in covering each day of the game at the Footy Almanac. Surprise entries are always very welcome. You’re not bound by the schedule, either. Just write when the words come.


If you’re new to the site, submit your story like this:

Under the big header “The Footy Almanac,” there’s a smaller header – “Write for us.” All the info is there. (Otherwise, go straight to the info here).


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Look forward to seeing some great pieces over the coming days!

About Jack Banister

Journalism student @ Melbourne Uni, Brunswick Hockey Club Men's Coach, tortured Tigers fan.


  1. Jennifer Muirden says

    As it happens I am flying over to Perth tomorrow morning and will be attending Day One of the Third Test at the WACA and could put something together. I will be meeting up with Fitzroy Pete so maybe we will collaborate. With my lyrical and artistic skills and his wealth of knowledge with cricket, stats and incredible wit we’re bound to come up with something quirky!

  2. Day 1 for me JB. Family commitments will keep me from attending the last WACA knockout but it could be all over by round 3!
    Late move to include both Rod & Geoff Marsh in the team has failed but the ghost of Jack Marsh will loom large over the ground.
    Citrus Bob

  3. Thanks Jennifer – look forward to it!

    Good stuff Citrus – any old reflections of what the WACA is like will be great.

  4. Dennis Gedling says

    Will be there for day four in the members (if it’s still on by Day 4)

  5. Thanks Dennis – I think we’ll still be going!

  6. Good work, J Banister.
    I aim to get something down.
    Watching that last session played in a scorching Perth, from Melbourne on a 3-hour summer time difference, is a summer highlight.
    Helps makes sense of the world. Its very rotation.

  7. Jennifer Muirden says

    Bring on the cricket this morning can’t wait!

    C’mon Aussies C’mon, C’mon let’s ensure the record of England last beating us at the WACA in 1978 remains!!!!

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Oi Oi Oi !

  8. Jennifer Muirden says

    Reports of Ashes match fixing ring has been busted in the U.K. As Prince once sang, Controversy!

  9. Shame I missed you last night ER. I love the Perth test, too, for that exact reason. It’s still bloody going after work! How good.

    Interesting and odd start Jennifer – this via CricInfo –

    Look forward to your thoughts!

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