The Almanac XI

Yes, folks, The Almanac XI is looking for players for the big challenge on Feb 20.

Three things:

One, if you’d like to play please nominate by comment here, using the time-honoured terminology of the ABC Cricket Book. RHB, ROS. Creativity insofar as explanations of strings in the bow are concerned may work favourably with the selectors.

Two, if you think someone in the Almanac community has captaincy in them, please nominate them and explain why in 3000 words or less, or by comment here.

Three, if you think you would make a good selector or would like to nominate someone as selector, please do so by making a comment here.

About John Harms

JTH is a writer, publisher, speaker, historian. He is publisher and contributing editor of The Footy Almanac and He has written columns and features for numerous publications. His books include Confessions of a Thirteenth Man, Memoirs of a Mug Punter, Loose Men Everywhere, Play On, The Pearl: Steve Renouf's Story and Life As I Know It (with Michelle Payne). He appears on ABCTV's Offsiders. He can be contacted [email protected] He is married to The Handicapper and has three kids - Theo13, Anna11, Evie10. He might not be the worst putter in the world but he's in the worst three. His ambition is to lunch for Australia.


  1. C.W.J Little – LHB, RMF. Temperamental, erratic and enigmatic quick complemented by an innate ability to hole out on the fence as an unreliable tailender. Cricketing humour has matured since he was instrumental in branding the CBC-South Warrnambool cricket club as the ‘Beavers’ as a 19-year-old (including the placement of beaver signs at strategic points on the Allan Oval, inducing batsman to ‘bang a beaver’ and win a slab). The WDCA never cottoned on to the double entendre. Bit rusty and may require a few sessions in the nets.

  2. Yes, Litza, I think we are getting the idea rather well.

  3. John Butler says

    J. R. Butler- RHB, RM (tending to slow). Have never mixed beavers with creams, but do have long established pedigree of mediocrity. Keen nonetheless.

  4. Phil Dimitriadis says

    I think I’ll be representing Overland in this one, but am happy to take bribes. Gotta keep up with the times hey Harmsy?

  5. Maybe an IPL-style auction would be the go. At my Melbourne office: the North Fitzroy Arms.

  6. My relocation from Brunswick to Warrnambool in 1983 allowed the Royal Park Reds to refresh their lists without the unfortunate “conversation with the selectors.” I think my playing days are 30 years behind me. However I am volunteering to be an enthusiastic supporter and member of Harmesy Army.

  7. Phil Dimitriadis says

    #5 Bidding starts at one pot with a jug going to the winner? That sounds enticing.

  8. A.T “Tangles” Gigacz – RHB, RM – A right arm medium in-swing bowler, very much in the Max Walker mould, only a foot shorter and a yard slower. Middle to lower order batsman who is not a big hitter but can turn the strike over so the sloggers can have their moment in the sun.

    Returned to competitive cricket in 2009/10 after a 13 year break. Will be playing to win.

  9. Litza, happy to roll the arm over to you at Brunswick St.

  10. #6. Dave, isn’t Alec Kahn still going around for the Reds? Surely nobody’s older than he is?

  11. #5. Or as it’s referred to by Tony Wilson, the North Fitzroy Harms…

  12. Can nominate the 3kg claimer T.C. RIORDAN (RHB, RLS). Ripping, looping leggies and wristy (risky) runmaking. He’ll be the lackey and a counter for the Overlanders’ junior gun (as distinct from “son of a gun”) D. SYSON. I can slot in as club stalwart, something a new side sorely lacks. As such I shall reserve the right to criticise selection rather than taking any active role whatsoever. Square leg umping a poss, though never when Tommy’s in! Punter’s Club to be established immediately.

  13. JTH, Ian has a great contact for chjeap, good caps.
    Flnnie must play in his 70’s sunhat…possible captain?

  14. Dave Nadel says

    #6 Actually Gigs, I am five years older than Alec. That’s not the problem, though. Thirty-five years ago Alec was good enough to play Sub-District Firsts (for Oakliegh). Forty-six years ago I wasn’t good enough to play Northern suburbs school cricket for Heidelberg High School, and I haven’t improved with age.

  15. Viscount H.W. “Boy” Mulcaster, 18th Viscount of Mulcaster (RHB) bloated and gouty, given to excess, good for a shout early…. definitely 12 man material, less reliable after lunch.

  16. T. Ivins – RHB, RM. Over a decade of Indoor Cricket experience. Reasonable outswing, can keep well to spin, pace is questionable. Punishing lower order bat, will make a first ball duck or 35 off 18. According to Andrew Hilditch he has an excellent record in Melbourne (despite not having played a competitve outdoor game here).

    Willing to train and will provide a slab if picked.

  17. D.A.C.Dawson – LHB WK. Creaky knees have not yet stopped him from putting the keepers’ pads on. Also known as a curator of some repute, can assist in the rolling and marking of wicket if required. Available if his regular team is not participating in a final on that day.

  18. Peter Flynn says

    RH attractive batsman
    RH leg spinner
    gully fieldsman
    Can skipper if need be.
    Great concept.

  19. C D Down – RHB, RODALNS (right arm darts and loop no spin) Developed from C Tavare like opener in junior cricket into more dashing middle order bat at university (largely due to S Watson like running between wickets capacity). Captained Yambuk Colts to winless 1990/91 season but won Coach’s award for keeping side together. Astute field placer – in final match of 1990/91 season, with N Creece (Woodford gun bat) on 270 odd, placed nine slips and mid on for final ball of match. Creece caught at mid on. Possible selector as, in mould of A Hilditch, is solicitor who also speaks and writes unintelligibly.


  20. Gus – RHB, RMF, WK. Batting average is higher than apparent skills due to coming in when the hard work has been done and winning runs are just around the corner, resulting in few dismissals for meager aggregate.

    Bowling looked good for much the same reason. First ball of first over of first game for Bali Geckos CC caught in gully. Figures: Overs 0.1 Runs 0 Wickets 1 Maidens 1. Sullied that with one of the worst opening overs ever produced in follow up game with a ball that rivalled Hilf’s. (It got stuck, honest! The warm up in the net was nigh on unplayable…)

    Keeping was mainly to avoid the hard work of the bowling expected of a 6’7″ string bean. The fact that I can no longer take anything below my knees, (after playing again for the Falcons yesterday), should not influence selectors as much as the following considerations. A) If selected would be seeking sponsorship to fly in from Abu Dhabi (think IPL), B) Can handle the heat if a hot sunny day is predicted and C) Can repay selectors faith with top shelf duty free, or possibly smuggled petroleum products which I hear is more valuable…

  21. Neil Belford says

    Look I should open the batting. I can get through to stumps without troubling the scorer much ( which makes me twice as good as an Australian Player ), but my LF bowling days are behind me.

  22. cap colours and design suggestions?

  23. I really think you lot should wear the colours on the reigning AFL premiers!! Just a thought!

  24. ..or modelled on the Cup Winners silks

  25. Dave Goodwin says

    Very keen for a game. 20 February will be the one year anniversary of my last trundle in Singapore before returning to live in Melbourne, and haven’t quite got around to finding a team here.
    RHB bat. Former opener. May be best suited at 7 or 8 these days.
    Through the 1990s, I turned out for ten seasons with Yarra Park C.C. in Melbourne’s Mercantile Cricket Association, gathering 1428 runs at an average of 23, and playing in four losing grand finals. Just coming off four seasons with the ANZA Club in Singapore Cricket Association where I accumulated 496 runs at 17.1. Three career centuries, the most recent in 2008 at age 44.
    RH leg spinner. Singapore stats – 57 wickets at 16.05 (mostly, it must be said, against batsmen who had never experienced leggies before). Two career hat tricks.
    Absolutely no interest in being a selector as I have seen the kind of vile abuse this species is subjected to on the Almanac website, and self-abuse will become a temptation.

  26. Tony Roberts says

    RHB, RFM (in 1980). Founder member of Reds CC. Instinctive ribbon-cutter, willing to open anything… long-term innings maintenance, less so. Unfortunately, like Hornby and Barlow, all of the above long ago. Any practice sessions planned to test our assertions, muscles and joints? Also, has a venue been arranged for the ‘Overland’ match ?

  27. I love how we are putting together a team of No. 7 and 8 batsmen.

  28. Hopefully the opposition respond in kind with an attack of third-change and part-time bowlers.

  29. #27. It might have to be batting order by ballot.

  30. #27 JTH you seem to have Number 3 locked down.

    I’m playing in a charity tournament tomorrow, it may be a chance to push my credentials for a berth higher in the order.

  31. #17 Smokie, when you hit a six will we hear the music of ‘DD Smash’ blaring over the loudspeaker?

  32. Gigs,
    At this stage of my cricket career, that would indeed be a slice of heaven.

  33. #32. Touché, Smokie.

  34. Re 21. I threw Neil Belford the ball in a game at Horrie Long Reserve in East Fremantle back in about 1993. His action reminded me of the Indian all-rounder Karsan Ghavri. Neat and accurate. I’d certainly use him again.

  35. Les has thus nominated as a selector. He fills many criteria, not least being nowhere near the match. Has WA had such an honour since Lawrie Sawle?

  36. Things started sliding when Laurie stepped down.
    I promise to do a very good job. The players, however, may let us down.

  37. On this occasion we’ll believe you. Just take the dogs for a walk on the beach whilst we implode.

  38. A pivotal 17 from 9 balls in a tied game today, last man in at the crease. Bowling was rubbish though, have to work on that.

  39. In a social game a few years back I was bowled off a ball that bounced twice. Methinks I’ll be carrying the drinks on 20 Feb.

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