The All-rounder, Davo’s Drop and Another Ball of the Century


I’m a very handy cricketer
brags the Minnipa copper
I can’t bat bowl or field but
I do live right behind the town oval


Davo drops the catch at cover &
their batsman crawls
to a shaky 8
suddenly Tarlee oval shrinks
like grandma’s hanky
at dusk he’s dismissed
on 295 &
Davo’s still shouting


a wicket or a run
Kimba grand final
deciding delivery taunts the jumpy bat
keeper & slips
holler & rush
as the ball (eyes shut)
squeezes supernaturally
between middle & leg
& escapes to the fence
we all remain stumped


in the pub & around an autumnal bbq
these tattered yarns
grinning hoary mates
horselaugh & slap our backs


raw appeals startle the thick heat
brown prickled outfield
hats floppy & dusty
cricket’s charm like a sepia photograph



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